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    Computer troubles getting you down ?


    Wish you could operate your device with ease ?


    Viruses invading your computer or device ?

    Here\’s how we can help!

    Alert the NERDS

    When you call our toll-free number, a trained operator will help address your needs and set up an appointment. Whether you would like to be trained from the comfort of your home, or have your data transferred while drinking coffee at your favorite cafe, Nerd Alert is ready to send a technician your way.

    A Friendly Introduction 

    After you set up your appointment details with our Nerd Alert operator, your dedicated Nerd Technician will contact you within the hour to confirm your appointment, and say hello! Your Nerd Technician will be in touch once again while en route to your appointment.

    Here Comes the Nerd 

    From the moment your Nerd Technician arrives, to the end of your appointment, our focus is to provide you with the ultimate in professional technical support. Whether you have contacted us for training, maintenance or repair, you can always expect a personalized, easygoing and educational experience from Nerd Alert.

    Tell Your Friends 

    We aim to please, so by taking a proactive approach, we ensure that all of our clients are completely satisfied…which is why Word of Mouth has contributed greatly to the growth & success of Nerd Alert.

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    When our customers are happy, we’re happy. Share your positive Nerd Alert experience with your friends, family and coworkers so we can keep this story going!


    Speak with one of our friendly Nerd Alert Representatives to get your free diagnosis today!

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