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Tech Help you can Trust.

Nerd Alert provides people and businesses with an easy and trusted way to get personalized Tech Help, Setup, Training & Repair services right to their doorstep. If you need your device fixed, some troubleshooting done or just need some helpful pointers, we’ll connect you with a Nerd who can do it.

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Our Story

Nerd Alert sprung into existence in 2011 after spending years working at various tech repair shops in South Florida. We saw that people became frustrated when they started to have problems with their technology. Those same people who came in for help would often vent about the added frustration that came from dealing with crowded parking lots and busy stores. The help these tech shops gave to their clients was often rushed and/or inaccurate. To top it all off, the client was handed a huge invoice which made matters even worse.

Knowing this, we created Nerd Alert so that we could help tackle client’s issues by providing them with the best possible solution for their tech problems for the lowest possible price in their home, office or nearby coffeshop. Nerd Alert wants everyone to know that today’s modern technology shouldn’t inconvenience, overwhelm or scare them as there are so many easy to use devices, apps, and programs that will essentially make life easier.

Nerd Alert has been helping people with their Tech for nearly a decade. We have partnered with some of the biggest communities in Florida with our Group Workshops and Personalized Smart Sessions.

With the fast adoption of IoT (Internet of things) devices like smart doorbells, thermostats and voice assistants, or smarter phones, cars, and appliances, there’s a big demand for simple tutorials in order to show consumers how to get the most out of their devices. Nerd Alert is here to help ensure that your tech always works the way it needs to work.

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How It Works

Tell us how we can help and we’ll schedule your appointment.

Whether it’s your home or a local coffee shop, our Nerd will come to you.

Give your Nerd a High Five and Be Happy with your Technology.

Customer Testimonials


“Julius and his team are incredibly knowledgeable and professional. We have had them teach Nerd Alert classes to our members for the past two seasons and are always eager to see what they will be teaching next.”

Kathy Kelley, Director of Social Events - The Polo Club of Boca Raton

“Nerd Alert is easy to have in our home, quick to solve our computer issues, always willing to go the extra mile to make our lives easier. We can’t recommend Nerd Alert highly enough.”

Elizabeth W, Resident of Royal Palm Estates - Boca Raton

BallenIsles loves Nerd Alert! Hosting monthly seminars for our members led by Nerd Alert has been a wonderful “update” to our regularly scheduled activities. The Nerds are always timely, professional, patient and fun when they come to our Club. We look forward to continuing to have Nerd Alert provide tech help to our members.”

Alex Morales, Catering & Events Manager, BallenIsles - Country Club

Julius is a wonderful teacher, it was his destiny. He and the Nerds have a great reputation around here.

Shirley K, Resident of Polo Club - Boca Raton

Julius is the best. He is patient and takes the time to explain everything. He’s number 1 with us.

Elaine & Ron A. The Villages, FL - Mac Computer Training & iPhone Help

Always a positive outcome! Very helpful! And REALLY nice person to work with!

Lynn M Weston, FL - Mac Computer & iCloud Setup & Help

I kept getting unwanted pop ups on my home computer…one after another & another so many that I couldn’t get to the sites that I wanted to go to. NERD ALERT came tomy home promptly and cleared everything up and
now my computer runs better than ever ! The “NERD “Technician was courteous and efficient and explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. I highly recommend them.

Jill L Delray Beach, FL - Windows PC Repair & General Help

Julius Mc Gee taught classes where I live in Polo Club. He also had some of his staff present and teaching. Fine, bright young people. Nerd Alert is a great service.

Shirley K. Boca Raton, FL - Mac & iPad Training

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