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Contribute to Nerd Alert and help thousands of people with their technology needs! Whether it’s computer setup or repairs, wireless networking, home network setup, or more, your expertise can make a real difference. Please share your knowledge and experience with the Nerd Alert community and help others solve their tech challenges. Submit your contribution today and be part of a community dedicated to making technology accessible for everyone.

Categories We Accept

At Nerd Alert, we welcome content related to the following categories:

  • Computer setup and repairs
  • Wireless networking
  • Home network setup
  • Digital/Online Marketing
  • Website Design & Development
  • Fintech Business Information & Tips
  • Internet Technology & Updates
  • Tech Products/ How To’s
  • Tech Reviews
  • Tech Security & Updates

If you have expertise in any of these areas, feel free to email us.

Who Should Contribute To Our Portal?

We at Nerd Alert encourage contributions from anyone who shares our passion for technology.

If you belong to any of the following categories, we encourage you to contribute to our portal:

  • Technology experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in their respective fields
  • Technical writers with excellent writing skills and a flair for communicating complex concepts
  • Marketing professionals with expertise in promoting technology-related products and services
  • Fintech experts with knowledge of financial technologies and their applications
  • Tech businesspersons with experience in the technology industry and insights to share

Rules To Write For Nerd Alert


  • Write an article with 800-1000 words, including a title of 60 characters and a summary of 150 characters.
  • Ensure the content is 100% original, supported by facts from reliable sources.
  • Include at least one copyright-free, high-resolution image.
  • Focus on relevant topics related to technology.
  • Properly interlink your article with our existing blogs.
  • Submit your author bio along with the article.
  • Note that we may remove excessive links to maintain content quality.

Join Nerd Alert and contribute your knowledge to empower the tech community. For submission, please email us at nerd [at] nerdalert [dot] com.


  • No promotional content
  • Avoid broken or spam links in the content
  • Content must not encourage gambling, betting, or any other illegal practices
  • Links to service pages or the main home page are prohibited; only blog links are permitted.
  • No keyword stuffing in the blog

Follow these rules to ensure your content meets our standards. Send your blog to nerd [at] nerdalert [dot] com for consideration. Join our mission to empower technology enthusiasts everywhere.

From Draft To NerdAlert’s Blog Post

  • Select a blog category that aligns with your expertise and interests.
  • Look out for blog ideas that are unique, engaging, and relevant to our audience.
  • Share at least five blog ideas with us for review and selection.
  • We will carefully evaluate your ideas and reply with the chosen topic.
  • Once the topic is confirmed, submit the blog framework for approval.
  • Our experienced editorial team will review the content. Minor adjustments may be made for clarity and style, while significant changes will be discussed with you.
  • If everything is on track, we will publish your blog post within 5-6 business days, showcasing your insights to our tech-savvy readers.

To contribute your ideas and join Nerd Alert’s blog, don’t hesitate to contact us at nerd [at] nerdalert [dot] com.

Customer Testimonials


“Julius and his team are incredibly knowledgeable and professional. We have had them teach Nerd Alert classes to our members for the past two seasons and are always eager to see what they will be teaching next.”

Kathy Kelley, Director of Social Events - The Polo Club of Boca Raton

“Nerd Alert is easy to have in our home, quick to solve our computer issues, always willing to go the extra mile to make our lives easier. We can’t recommend Nerd Alert highly enough.”

Elizabeth W, Resident of Royal Palm Estates - Boca Raton

BallenIsles loves Nerd Alert! Hosting monthly seminars for our members led by Nerd Alert has been a wonderful “update” to our regularly scheduled activities. The Nerds are always timely, professional, patient and fun when they come to our Club. We look forward to continuing to have Nerd Alert provide tech help to our members.”

Alex Morales, Catering & Events Manager, BallenIsles - Country Club

Julius is a wonderful teacher, it was his destiny. He and the Nerds have a great reputation around here.

Shirley K, Resident of Polo Club - Boca Raton

Julius is the best. He is patient and takes the time to explain everything. He’s number 1 with us.

Elaine & Ron A. The Villages, FL - Mac Computer Training & iPhone Help

Always a positive outcome! Very helpful! And REALLY nice person to work with!

Lynn M Weston, FL - Mac Computer & iCloud Setup & Help

I kept getting unwanted pop ups on my home computer…one after another & another so many that I couldn’t get to the sites that I wanted to go to. NERD ALERT came tomy home promptly and cleared everything up and
now my computer runs better than ever ! The “NERD “Technician was courteous and efficient and explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. I highly recommend them.

Jill L Delray Beach, FL - Windows PC Repair & General Help

Julius Mc Gee taught classes where I live in Polo Club. He also had some of his staff present and teaching. Fine, bright young people. Nerd Alert is a great service.

Shirley K. Boca Raton, FL - Mac & iPad Training

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