5 benefits of the Go Pro camera

April 27, 2018
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With sports cameras growing more and more in popularity, it’s gotten to the point now where people are using them everywhere. From skating, surfing and skiing, these action cameras come with a variety of benefits that traditional cameras can’t provide.

They’re Hands-Free

The first, and probably the biggest perk is they are hands-free. Strapped to your head, helmet, cars, surfboards and more, you don’t have to worry about carrying them around. This is a crucial aspect since it can be tricky and often times dangerous if you are performing stunts and want to record the moment right there.

Some Shots Are Impossible Without Them

The other big benefit is that these cameras record POV (‘point of view’) footage. Makes sense since you are attaching the camera to your person or to your equipment. Because of this fact, the viewers are placed in a unique position where they get to see something that would otherwise be impossible.

These cameras have been seen in extreme sports, but since they are catching on, TV production companies are using them too. This provides them unique shots that we as viewers wouldn’t have had the opportunity to watch before.

They Are Cheaper In Price

Another thing to note is that these cameras are small. What this means is you can’t cram a lot of technology into them making them cheaper than a quality and usual digital camera. Because they are cheaper in price and lower in material need, it’s easy to produce a lot of them but also many people can afford these cameras with ease.

To add to that, the camera is still quality and does a great job for the price. It’s essentially a quality camera that got squeezed down into something smaller.

This also makes sense when you consider those impossible shots that are used in films. These cameras are clearly used in many “crash cams” and “action cams” for films due to the unique shots we see on the big screen. Because they are but a small investment it makes sense to put out these quality $200-700 cameras out into the action as opposed to a high-end digital camera that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Can Be Used Underwater

We’ve mentioned already that surfers use these cameras and they can use it clearly because it works underwater. This is pretty big since a lot of usual cameras around the same price as GoPros probably isn’t waterproof.

As a result of this, you can get some quality shots underwater providing a versatile area to capture footage.

It Has Drone Capabilities

Recently GoPro has launched a drone of their own. Called the Karma, the drone is designed to carry some of GoPro’s latest cameras: the Hero 5 or the Hero 6. The Hero line hailed for its quality, it’s a huge benefit that this now has drone capabilities ensuring you can take amazing aerial shots and more like you have never done before.

This drone opens up a lot of possibilities worth getting excited about. Especially if you are someone who gets out a lot.