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What is 5G and How Will it Change the Way I Use the Internet?

November 20, 2019
Comment Enozia Vakil

Imagine being able to download an entire HD movie in under a second. Imagine playing Fortnite with no lag.   Imagine driving a car or flying a drone with a headset.  After nearly a decade in the making, 5G is finally becoming an actuality. The new generation of wireless technology is almost here, and with it…

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Spotify, Pandora Or Apple Music: Which One is Better?

November 13, 2019
Comment Enozia Vakil

Pandora used to the only player in the music streaming service field, until a few years ago. With the advent of technology, many players jumped into the market with better apps and streaming services. However, Pandora is still one of the major talked about and trustworthy streaming services to date.  In this post, we will…

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From Cassette Tapes to MP3’s and More…

October 20, 2017
Comment admin

Music is very important to the human race. It has always had an effect on both individuals and society. It is interesting to have a closer look at the changes that have occurred in music enjoyment from the early phonograph right through to today’s Streaming Music. Phonograph In 1877 the phonograph, the first “machine” that…

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