5G Is Coming: 7 Things You Should Expect

April 21, 2020
Comment Chloe

Revamped, wireless technology for your smartphone and devices is just around the corner. It’s the fifth generation of your mobile network, and you can expect to see some improvements from the previous years. Here are 7 things you can expect after 5G makes an appearance. 

Higher Internet Speeds

4G surpassed 3G in terms of internet speed, and so we can expect that 5G will definitely exceed the 4th generation. 5G is predicted to offer internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second That’s about one hundred times faster than its predecessor. 

Higher Quality Video Streaming And Downloading

5g networks are all about speed. Along with higher internet speeds, you can also expect it to be easier to download games, movies, and music. You will no longer have to download your films a day in advance before going on a lengthy trip. 

Lower Latency

Reduced latency will make virtual reality more useful. Previous VR headsets before 5G had higher latency, making the augmented reality experience unenjoyable as it lagged and caused nausea. This will help see the release of more wireless VR headsets that are smaller and don’t lag as much. 

4G Will Continue To Exist

5G is innovating technology; however, don’t expect mobile networks to drop 4G altogether for 5G to take over. Both  will continue to co-exist. It is also predicted that 5G will make 4G more efficient. In fact, if you were to upload a video to Google Photos at this very moment, on a 5G smartphone, you would still be using a 4G network. This isn’t made to work independently yet, and it will likely take several years until it can be a standalone network. We won’t find out how this is achieved until after it happens. 

Remote Device Control

The powerful capability and low latency of 5G will enable the remote control of devices such as heavy machinery, that would otherwise be unsafe for humans to operate first hand. This can extend into healthcare as well through the use of surgical machinery.

Internet Of Things

Currently, mobile networks available aren’t in capacity enough to accommodate the growing number of wireless devices. The efficiency of 5G will assist the Internet of Things by providing us with speedy networks to relay information to smart devices without lagging. 

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are heavily reliant on real-time information transmission. They compute vast amounts of data and need an efficient system in order to relay information. 5G will make this possible due to higher speeds and low latency. Self-driving cars will be able to collect data on a constant basis, and the data will be in real-time. This makes for a safer system and will help keep the car in working condition. 

Bottom Line

5G mobile networks will have the capability to transform networking as we know it. We can expect to see quicker speeds and less lag time, and it will extend beyond smartphones. It will be interesting to see just how far these networks will take us.