Drop Box Vs Google Drive

March 1, 2018
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Dropbox is one of the simplest ways to store your folders, files, create documents, access what you have stored and shared to different platforms. This platform is available online and there are more than 500 million registered users across 180 countries. You can also access your Dropbox account on Linux computers, windows, Mac, IOS phones and tablets and Android. With Dropbox it doesn’t matter where you are, you can access your saved work wherever you are and share them comfortably.

The same as the Dropbox, Google drive is also used to store different types of documents. This service is offered by Google where you can use it to synchronize files and be able to access them from different devices. Even when offline you can be able to access your documents stored on this drive through Androids, Mac computers, iOS smartphones and tablets. If you create a file through the office suite, they are automatically saved on Google drive.

Here are a few major differences between the two;

• Google drive has more storage space. Both of the offer paid and free storage area, which is different according to the area that you want to store. When it comes to Google drive you will enjoy a total of 5 GB of free storage while with Dropbox you will get 2GB.

• You will get cheaper prices for more space with Google drive. The both offer additional space at a price as a way of generating revenue. Google drive provides additional space of 25 GB at a cost of $2.49 monthly, 100Gb at $4.99 every month and16 TB of storage at $799 per month. Comparing with Dropbox the offer 50GB for $9.99 per month, 100GB at $19.99 per month. Google drive has fair prices comparing the space they offer and the cost.

• Support of different files. Dropbox does not have the capability to support so many files while Google drive can support 30 different files making Google drive is more friendly to anything you want to store.

• Viewing of files without file installations. For you to open any file you need to open the program of the file so that you can access the files at your end. Google drive has the capability of viewing the files without the installation. When it comes to Dropbox you have to use file installation for you to access any file at your end without this you cannot access anything.

• With Dropbox, you can only share files through web Apps while with Google drive you use links to share files through many ways like email chats and many more.

• Dropbox does not store version details in the free space while Google drives stores every detail of the file.

With the above information, there is no doubt that Google drive is the best place to store your files whether in the free area or the paid area. Google drive is very accommodative in terms of storage, file accessing, cost and knowing that you can access your files no matter where you are.