Requesting Tech Help Just got a lot easier…

July 14, 2017
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We at Nerd Alert are thrilled that our new and improved website is here for all of our long standing clients and those who are interested in having Nerd Alert help them with their tech issues for the first time. The new nerdalert.com has been designed specifically for you. We’re very appreciative that some of our most valued and trusted clients gave us their feedback so that we could build a website that is more user friendly for you.

Aside from the new layout and design, the biggest addition to the website is that you are now able to schedule an appointment online! You no longer need to call us to schedule tech help, you can just go onto your computer or phone to do so. Don’t be scared to schedule an appointment online, we promise that doing so is easy and stress free. You can schedule a Nerd in the following ways:

  • By choosing Nerd Alert: We understand that sometimes tech issues can’t wait. Choose Nerd Alert to get same day tech help from one of our local Nerds for that tech emergency.
  • By specific Date/Time: We know how busy your schedules are. It’s because you’re so busy and we want our time with you to be at your convenience that we now allow you to select the day and time that you need a Nerd to come to you.
  • By Picking your own personal Nerd: We know it’s important that you are comfortable with the person helping you. Now you can choose any Nerd you want to ensure you have magic every time we come to see you! So if you would like to rebook the same Nerd or prefer to browse and pick your Nerd, we’ve got your covered.

If you ever have any issues or questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions which will give you a lot of answers to questions you may have.

If you have a question and don’t see the answer in the FAQ you can always send us an email or feel free to call us at 561-402-7343 and we’ll be here for you.

Again, thanks to all of the good people in South Florida for supporting us as we work to support you!