The Best 4k TVs to Enhance Your Movie Night

April 8, 2020
Comment Chloe

Discover the best 4k TVs that will make your movie night fantastic! 

Whether it’s a family movie night or you’re watching a movie by yourself, you need an excellent functioning TV, at least if you want to make the most out of your movie night. Maybe you can get away with using that dusty attic TV from 2005, but chances are the picture quality isn’t enough. You need something better, something innovating, like a 4k TV. 4K TVs have triple the pixels than the average HD TV. What does this mean? Better screen resolution to maximize your movie night. Here are some of the best 4K TVs to enhance your movie night. 

Insignia 43” 4K Fire TV Edition

This 4K TV makes our list not only for its quality but its affordability. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars but still want those 4K perks, this TV is for you. 

Coming in at less than 500 dollars, this TV offers over 8 million pixels of incredible movie resolution and Fire TV additions, which allow you to access your favorite channels and apps, including Netflix.

For you Amazon lovers, this TV has a built-in Alexa in the remote, so you can pause your movie night to cook up a batch of popcorn with the convenience of your own voice in seconds.  

Samsung Q70R QLED TV

A relatively new addition to the Samsung community of Televisions, this TV is on the expensive side. However, the price is worth it. When you realize it has fantastic picture quality. The built-in processor ensures sharp detail and over a billion shades of refined color. 

This 4k television is also a Smart TV, meaning you get access to applications like Youtube, Netflix, and many more video streaming options available. Your TV will keep track of your trends and types of movies you like to watch, so you will always be given options to watch that you are almost guaranteed to enjoy on those movie nights. Overall, this TV would be an excellent addition to your home if you are willing to splurge. 

Samsung 55″ Curved RU7300 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

The third and final television on our list comes once again from Samsung. We couldn’t resist recommending this television to accommodate your movie nights due to its unique curved display. The curved display delivers deep, wide picture quality for an exciting and captivating viewing experience. 

The perks of having a curved screen are that no matter where the TV is placed in the room, everybody can enjoy it. It also provides greater depth making the picture more realistic, especially for horror movie enthusiasts. In many cinemas, they feature the curved display, so it’s really like having your own cinema in your very own home. 

Final Thoughts

So what can we make of this information? We know that 4K televisions have the ability to enhance your movie nights, unlike any other HD television, with their fantastic picture quality. It all comes down to choosing the TV that is right for you.