The Seven Best Learning Apps For Children

June 7, 2018
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As a home-schooling family, we’re grateful that the days of stodgy old textbooks are gone and that an age of technology has ushered in a new way to learn (even if the parents have to ask their children to show them how it works first).

A short survey of the apps available to us revealed a treasure chest of great content and these are our top seven picks across subject ranges.

1. GEOGRAPHY – The Barefoot World Atlas -produced by Amphion Limited.

A three-dimensional globe interacts with our intrepid world explorers from the comfort of their home( on iPad). Packed full of interactive features it is possible to explore our planet while listening to BBC’s Nick Crane presents facts about every country and its people. Amazing mini-videos and beautiful photography – this is a highly recommended app for children of all ages. Available from the AppStore at $4.99.

2. HISTORY – Virtual History – Roma – produced by Mondadori

Awe-inspiring aerial views of famous Roman landmarks, interactive video features highlighting the great events in Ancient Rome, three-dimensional explorations of structures, sculptures and war machines makes this virtual application a real discovery of the Roman world. Including a digital book that acts as a telescope into the three-dimensional images presented in this app. Our boy never tires of watching Gladiators in combat and this is a visual feast for him. Discover all that Rome had to offer. Available from the AppStore at $9.99.

3. ART APPRECIATION – MoMA Art Lab App – produced by MoMa

Interacting with the Museum’s collection, MoMA Art Lab App for iPad offers a Modern Art experience for children aged seven and up. Creating their own modern art with interactive tools, this app is packed with all sorts of goodies for aspirant artists.$4.99 at the AppStore.

4. ART APPRECIATION – Art Project – produced by Google

Brought to you by Google, take a virtual tour of our world’s museums. We took a trip through the mountains of Mongolia with the Kazakh people. Beautiful photography by Jimmy Nelson in high definition bring Western Mongolia and the people that live there, to life. This was just one aspect of Art Project celebrating a great work by a photographer but the site offers absolutely everything in celebration of our world’s artists not specifically a children’s site but for learning, the visual high definition content is second to none. Available free to use.


If you want to know anything about anything, the best people to ask are the experts! NASA brings us an app filled with up to date photographs, a satellite tracking feature and so much more. This app is for older children. Available free on Google Play.

6. SCIENCE – Dr.Seuss – Inside Your Outside App

Produced by The Cat in The Hat’s Learning Library Set to Rhyme as only Dr Seuss can, Inside your outside explains the human body in great detail. Interact with your own body and with Thing 1, Thing 2. Read by the Cat in the Hat. Taken from the book of the same title, kids of all ages will love this app. Available at the AppStore for $5.99.

7. READING -Dr. Seuss Treasurey – Produced by Oceanhouse Media

Dr.Seuss is an all-time favourite in most households and with over 50 of the most loved. Dr.Seuss books available in this app, story-time becomes an interactive delight as kids get to explore each book with Cat in The Hat imagery. A wonderful app for toddlers. Available Free in App Store (offers In-App Purchases)

With all the wonderful apps available (many are free), there isn’t time to get bored with learning. The internet is filled with great apps explaining every subject in great detail and interactive learning means smarter kids really are able to go to infinity and beyond!