10 Features You Should Try After Upgrading to iOS 13

May 17, 2020
Comment Chloe

Discover the features you should try after you’ve upgraded to iOS 13

As with any new update, you want to know what the best things to look forward to with the new iOS 13. This latest update has come with a lot of long awaited features that users have been looking forward to. By reading on, you will learn all about some of these amazing upgrades that you now have, thanks to this latest update.

Dark Mode

One of the most anticipated features has to be Dark Mode. This not only gives a really cool shadowy look to your device, it can also be a great way to save battery life, especially if you have an OLED phone. Dark mode can also help you avoid problems like burning eyes when you are using your phone in the dark. This is undoubtedly one of the best features to try after upgrading to iOS 13.

The “Swipe” Keyboard

A feature that Android users have had and loved for a long time has finally come to iOS devices. Referred to as “QuickPath Typing”, you can swipe your finger across the keyboard to create words rather than type the words out. This can be a faster way to write than just “typing” on your keyboard.

Apple Arcade

This is a new feature that has also recently hit Mac computers as well. This is a game subscription service that allows iOS users to access stunning and exclusive games that were made just for this service. You may find some amazing gaming gems using this program.

Silence Unknown Callers

Who isn’t tired of getting spam robocalls all of the time? The Silence Unknown Callers feature allows you to just have these calls go straight to your voicemail without you even noticing it. This is without having to shell out money for a 3rd party service. However, be aware that this could also prevent you from getting important phone calls.

New and Improved Photo App

The Photo app for your iOS devices got a huge upgrade with this latest update. Not only did organizing and finding your photos become a lot easier, you also have an easier time editing photos and videos. The video editing is particularly incredible, allowing you to use many of the picture editing tools that you already love on your videos.

Apple Maps Update

The Apple Maps app has become significantly better than the original app. You can get much better details on the map as well as saving your favorite places. There is also a new Look Around feature, which is fast and smooth.

New Features for Emojis

This new update allows you to use Memoji Stickers and get Memoji customizations across all devices.

Profiles for iMessage

The iMessage Profiles makes your messaging app look more like that on Facebook or Instagram, allowing you to create a profile, in which you can allow anyone or only friends to see. 

Audio Sharing

If you have an iPhone 8 or newer, this new feature allows you to connect 2 pairs of AirPods to a single iOS device. You can also use compatible headphones like ones from Beats. This allows you both to listen to the same thing.

Find My

Combining the “Find My iPhone” and “Find My Friends” app, this new app helps in finding lost devices by using other people’s devices.