Why You Should Use a Password Keeper

May 18, 2020
Comment Chloe

Discover why you should use a password keeper

In 2018, 14.3% of the retail purchases in the United States were made over the internet and is increasing by almost 15% every year.  This involved signing on to the websites and leaving credit card or bank account information. These same institutions are now encouraging their customers to eliminate paper and completely move to digital accounts online.  Here, you store your most personal information and data; names, addresses, account numbers, government identification, and more. And it is here, your information can be easily stolen and used to rob you, or perhaps steal your entire identity.  The doorway to the information is only opened with a password.

In the past, your password was your name or your birth date. These were public information and many accounts were opened by clever individuals who simply guessed until they got lucky. Password requirements have changed and incorporated rules making the password a much more complex task for the user but almost impossible for those who don’t belong in your accounts.  Security is laudable, but how do you remember dozens of passwords into all these accounts. Well, now there are software and apps that will do this for you that are designed specifically to store and manage all your passwords and here are seven reasons why you should use one of these “Password Keepers”.

Seven Reasons

1. The biggest reason for using a password keeper is you no longer have to memorize your passwords.  You don’t have to write down a list of meaningless pass codes, or keep a list up to date, that would be disastrous if found by the wrong person.  There is only one Master Code that you need to memorize.
2. These keepers will automatically retrieve your User ID and password for a site without requiring you to manually look it up or type it in. 
3. If you want, the keeper will generate your own passwords that are much stronger than one you create yourself.  Believe it or not, people think in patterns and creating a truly unique combination of numbers, letters, and symbols that have no meaning for you is not as simple as it sounds.
4. These keepers are written so they can be used on just about any operating system i.e. Windows, and Mac.
5. The passwords are stored on an encrypted data base.  These are leading edge encryption systems used by the security industry and make it virtually impossible for a hacker to access the data.
6. It’s easy. That sounds trite but the idea is to make it difficult for someone else to get your information.  Not you.
7. Finally, it’s FREE! And it’s easy to get.  There is NO REASON, economic or otherwise, for you to avoid using a keeper.

There’s an entire industry of security minded individuals creating tools to help keep your information safe from an equally enthusiastic group of talented criminals who are trying to steal it from you.  Don’t let the bad guys win.