10 Retro Devices That We Used To Use

August 16, 2021
Comment Chloe

With all the technological advances we’ve seen in the last decades, most of us have forgotten that some of the old technology we now regard as normal, once would have blown our minds. Retro Devices that were cutting edge only thirty years ago now seem like the first steps of a stumbling child. Sometimes, we can even forget that some of the things we take for granted were unthinkable a few decades ago.

Retro devices clearly hold some charm still, because they are now making a comeback! Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at these retro devices that hold a place in our hearts and some we never want to see again.

1. VCR

Let’s hit it off with a format that everyone loved, but I, for one, am never going back to waiting for the tape to rewind. Many of us hold warm memories of spending hours trying to find the right VHS to rent on a Saturday night —only to end up getting the same one every time, of course.

2. Walkman

Your own music on the go for the first time ever. The height of coolness in the 80s. Later, the disc-man tried to take its place but let’s be honest, it just wasn’t the same.

3. Pager

Once the height of fashion, it was easily replaced by the cell phone. But it holds a special place as the first instant messaging device.

4. Turntables

They never really went away, but they are definitely retro. From DJs to music lovers, the records kept spinning and are now once again climbing to the top of the ladder. You can now find record players in stores again.

5. Polaroid cameras

Another fan favorite. There is something about shaking the paper until the image appears is just so gratifying. Polaroids never went out of style and there’s a huge market for them.

6. PDAs

Personal Digital Assistants were like the tablet prequel. They were ultimately a failure, but these portables agenda and electronic schedule set the stage for the arrival of the later tablets.  

7. Camcorder

Now, mostly replaced by smartphone cameras, the camcorder was a hit for a long time. Most of us can enjoy our home made videos thanks to this hand portable device.

8. Typewriter

While writing on the computer is both faster and more practical, there is something to be said about the charm of using an old fashioned typewriter. Something about the satisfying noises and click-clacking I guess.

9. Atari

These gaming consoles were pioneers in the area. This American company was a pioneer in the gaming industry. Today, these devices are not easy to get and the games are even rarer.

10. Tube TV

Big and blocky, it was the source of endless hours of entertainment. Not so long ago we really couldn’t have imagined seeing flat screens outside of Science Fiction TV shows and movies.