8 Innovative Ways to Use Your Smartphone

January 22, 2018
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Usually, a phone is considered to be a communication tool used to call or chat with friends. However, there are other uses of a smartphone too. Ready to learn how to get the most out of your smartphone?

1. Hold it steady and say cheese

Every smartphone does have an inbuilt camera but taking good photos needs your hands to stay still. Instead of holding the phone in your hand you can place it on a tripod… an especially one designed for Smartphone. This will enable you to take long exposure photos.

2. Control a TV

Nowadays Smartphones have extra features and built-in apps that enable you to use it for other purposes than only communicating. One such feature is to use the phone as a TV remote. Thus, you can use it to control your TV. Now you may not even need your TV remote to do this job for you.

3. How do I look?

The front-facing camera of your phone can double up as a mirror too and will let you know how you look in the absence of a mirror. Just use the zoom feature of your phone to focus on a particular area of your face. This will tell you how you look and if there is any change needed to make to look your best. You can also illuminate your face in case you are in darkness by making changes in the setting of screen brightness to high. This is a built-in feature and you don’t need to install an app for this.

4. Never get caught in the dark again- flashlight

A Smartphone comes with a built-in camera and a flash. You can use this to capture the dark spots which are usually difficult to capture. This flashlight is available to you all the times you carry a phone with you as it is an inbuilt feature. It is unlike the other devices which need the flash to be installed via an app. You can use this when you are caught up in the dark to illuminate our surroundings.

5. Beats per minute

Another way of using this camera is that you can use your camera and flash together to monitor your heart rate. Place your finger on the camera lens and flash. This allows an app heart rate pulse to read your pulse and thus you can get the number of beats per minute.

6. Scan barcodes find deals

Instead of using the net to find the right price of products and comparing then you can have an app installed that can scan the product barcodes. Most of the apps will give you an immediate result so it will be easy for you to find the right price for the product and help save money on your best buy.

7. Keep business cards safe

When you have plenty of them it becomes cumbersome to carry them. Also, the chances of losing some of them and getting damaged by overuse are also high. The best way is to scan each of these and enter them in your contact list. This is better done using a free app CamCard to scan and enter all the information.

8. Leave the right tip

No more need to fuss with math at the restaurant. Just have a tip calculator app do it for you. Isn’t this smart way to give the right tip? So, use your Smartphone smartly as it’s becoming the remote control to the world.