12 Features of iOS 15 You May Not Know Of

November 6, 2021
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Apple’s latest iOS 15 has sparked new life in the industry, and it doesn’t fail to deliver. There is no doubt the latest operating system update for iPhone and iPad were hotly anticipated. Millions of users wanted to know what features awaited them; you were probably anxious too. Well, Apple has gone all out and make a lot of simple but effective tweaks to its operating system. It’s thought the update was to make Apple devices easier for you to use, along with being more enjoyable and functional. So, what 12 features of iOS 15 may surprise you?

Multiple Web Image Saves


Apple has gone all out when it comes to convenience. You now can drag and drop several files and images across apps. Basically, you can save multiple images with less effort. For instance, you can drag a file or image with one finger and then choose additional files to select all with the tap of a finger. It’s easy and you can stack as many folders, files, or images as you like. You can group lots of images and drop them into another app. It’s a great feature, to say the least.

Improved Calendar Features


iOS 14 impressed on many levels, however, some users felt the calendar left much to be desired. Fortunately, with the updated 15 operating system, you get a new and improved calendar widget. So, instead of just seeing the day and any events you have listed, you can view a full calendar month. You can even customize it; that does impress on another level and makes the feature better. It’s more convenient and user-friendly.

A Copy Link Feature from Tab Groups


Let’s say you have been browsing several sites on Safari and want to share your links with a friend via SMS or email. With the update, you’re now able to copy those web links to your clipboard. It makes things a lot easier and can be a great way to share URLs with friends or colleagues.

Secure PDF Documents with a Password


Apple has created a new feature that allows you to create and lock PDF documents on your iPhone. The iOS 15 upgrade now allows you to lock any document, and that can be ideal. While you might not think too much about this feature or use it often, it’s impressive, to say the least. You’re able to protect your PDF’s when you can’t use your iCloud account or just when you create a document on your iPhone.

Redesigned and Fully Customizable Safari Start Up Page


Safari is now redesigned for your convenience. You can get a fully customized page just how you like it. So, you can find bookmarks, frequently visited sites, iCloud tabs, reading list, and so much more. It’s a great additional because it lets you get a unique start page. While it mightn’t be such a major talking point, it’s a nice touch, nonetheless.

Find A Lost iPhone with a New Locator Feature


Apple really has put a lot of thought and effort into keeping your phone secure. You now can track your lost or stolen iPhone – even when it’s in power reserve mode or switched off. That’s great because you stand a greater chance of locating it. Apple uses an Ultra-Wideband Chip, so it’s impressive, to say the least.

Shared with You Content Can Be Hidden


You use Shared with You app. You send things to your friends, and they send stuff back; unfortunately, you don’t always want to receive content from everyone in your contact list. Now, you can hide content from certain users. It’s a great feature and one that adds a little more spice to iOS 15.

Alter the Speed of Video Playback


iPhones have a default speed in their video player app. This was often difficult to change and caused a few issues, previously. Fortunately, Apple has made a few tweaks and you can adjust the speed of the playback with ease. It’s a nice feature and certainly one that adds more to the Apple experience.

Simplified Translation Features


iOS 15 has improved Apple’s text translation features. You can now highlight text and get instant translation. This feature has certainly gone viral and does make the user experience a little more enjoyable. It’s not only convenient but incredibly versatile too. You’ll be able to translate to whatever language you desire. The device will even speak the translation out load so you can fully understand how to pronounce it.

Extensions for Safari


Safari has gone through several changes recently, and now, iPhone users can download third-party web extensions. The Apple App Store has these extensions and iOS 15 now supports them too. This is ideal because it makes the browser more functional and versatile. You will be able to customize Safari however you want and make it more effective for your requirements too.

No Further Need to Put Up with Website Tinting


iOS 15 has really changed everything about Safari and there have been a lot of improvements. Before, Safari would automatically change the interface so that it matched the website you clicked on. The upgrade ensures you can switch off this tinting. You can get a more immersive experience with the feature and allows you to choose how you view a website.

You Can Switch Off the Automatic Night Camera Mode


When you use the camera feature on the iPhone, the device is programmed so that the Night Mode kicks in when it senses a darker setting, such as being indoors. However, this could be frustrating when you wanted to take an authentic evening photograph. With the recent upgrade, you can now turn this feature off.

Apple’s Future Thinking


You can’t deny how impressive some of the iOS 15 changes have been. You get a more versatile and flexible user experience, along with a convenient array of features. Apple appears to have listened to consumer demands and made effective changes. Also, they give you the chance to voluntary customize your browsing experience. Apple looks to be improving the user experience and those features may also be used for future updates. It’s good that these changes are happening as you could find the iPhone features more efficient for your needs.