25 New iPad Features in iOS 15

October 4, 2021
Comment Chloe

iPad iOS 15 has caused a stir among Apple users everywhere. It has been long waited and the reality is that there is always a demand for improvement. While the older versions of iOS impressed, there was always a demand for more. You probably want to see more convenient apps and a better user-experience. It’s understandable and it doesn’t look as though the latest update will disappoint. So, what are the 25 new iPad features you’ll find in iOS 15?


CSAM – Children Sexual Abuse Material – is a completely new feature and a first of its kind. CSAM is a feature that helps detect material that is of a sexual nature that involves children. The feature scans iCloud photos and Apple could even go so far as to report this to NCMEC – the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. This organization is totally non-profit but works with law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. to help and protect children. It’s a great idea because it may protect a child. This is a controversy app for many; however, the idea is smart.

Added Child Security with Communication Safety Features

Child safety is crucial, and Apple has provided a new initiative that alerts parents when their child sends or receives explicit photos. For instance, when a child receives a sexually explicit photograph, their parent or guardian is alerted. It’s an important feature and may help protect children everywhere. Even if it just protects one child, it’s a great feature to have. The messaging app uses smart technology to review the attached image. When the technology senses or believes the photo is sexually explicit, it’ll blur the image and a warning message will appear to the child.

The New App Library Feature

One of the newest but most popular features for the iPad iOS 15, is the App Library. For the very first time, this feature is being introduced to the iPad and may just make things simpler. You can store and organize links to your most beloved apps; you’ll get suggestions and it’s easy to use too. Once you download an app from the App Store, it’ll be downloaded into your library on the iPad. It’s great streamlining across devices and quite convenient.

Greater Improvements Made to Multi-Tasking

iOS 15 does look impressive, and it creates a simpler way to multi-task. You thought it was easy to multi-task before, well it’s even easier all thanks to the upgrade. You can opt for the Slide Over or Split View to make multi-tasking more effective. The window shelf gives access to all current apps running and can be easily closed by swiping it away. It’s a nice idea and one that makes the iPad look more user-friendly.

Swift Playgrounds

You can build apps with Swift Playgrounds. This is a great feature, and you immediately see the code used. You can preview the app while you build it and test them out however and whenever you like. Your apps can even be uploaded or submitted to the App store. This gives you a chance to develop your own apps and it’s ideal, to say the least.

Upgrades to Messaging

Whenever you send a message, the content will appear in the Shared with You section. You can share music, photos, and lots more. Stack photos can be viewed easily, and a convenient swipe can edit and move them.

Access to Widgets Directly from the Home Screen

iPad has had some upgrades, and the home screen has seen quite an improvement. With the iOS 15, you can place widgets onto the home screen page. It’s a minor feature but one that makes things slightly easier for you. While you mightn’t think too much about widgets, having them on your home screen just adds convenience.

A Redesign to Notifications

It’s easy to miss notifications, so iPad iOS 15 introduces a slight redesign to these notifications. It’s simpler to identify apps as the icons are slightly bigger. Also, photos are displayed of notifications coming in from people in your list of contacts. It’s a nice idea, especially since it’s more personal. You might not care too much about photos appearing from your contacts list, however, making the notification icons bigger can help.

The Spotlight Feature

You’ll love this feature. Spotlights allows you to use scenes, objects, location, and people to search for photos. It’s a great feature and one that impresses on so many levels. The Spotlight features allows you to search online and enhance your results too. iOS 15 takes things to the next level and you’ll love how effective this can be on your iPad.

Reorder Your Home Screen Pages

Some features take user experience up a notch through simple alterations, and iOS 15 has upped their game in that department. Your home screen pages can be conveniently reordered. This allows you to streamline your pages more conveniently and with ease. While this mightn’t sound like such a major feature, it’s still a new addition, to say the least.


Distractions are a problem, and you can be easily distracted by every new notification coming through on your iPad. With the Focus feature, you can filter your home screen and notifications so that your focus remains on one topic. Of course, urgent notifications still appear; however, this is ideal, especially if you’re working on something that is time-consuming or time sensitive.

Upgrades to Shared Notes

Shared Notes is a popular feature, and it has gone through some slight tweaks. When you use this on iPad iOS 15, you can now notify others. The improvements made to this feature is great and can make things a lot more user-friendly too.

The Universal Control Feature

This feature is unique and something that you might think is unnecessary; however, it’s still pretty nifty and not many other devices have this either. With the Universal Control, you can use one mouse or keyboard with your Mac computer and iPad. So, when you move to the iPad, your mouse goes from a cursor to a round dot. It’s all done automatically and not something you see often.

The Face Time Feature

As more use video calls to communicate, Face Time is a welcomed feature of the iPad iOS 15. With this feature, there is an improved microphone mode so that background noise is reduced. You can also add background noise if you so wish. Face Time will be a popular app since more are using video calls to talk to family, friends, and work colleagues.

The Face Time Links

You can link a Face Time call. With this feature, you can share third-party apps, messages, and more while using Face Time. It’s easy to create and share links and can even be used with Windows and Android users. That’s a nice touch and can be accessed via the web. There is also privacy with the end-to-end encryption.

Share Play

You’ll find the Share Play feature works alongside Face Time. You can share things during your calls, such as songs, movies, and shows. It’s a nice feature and feels quite inclusive. There are lots of third-party apps that allow this feature, including Hulu, Tik Tok, and even Disney+.

Set Up Reminders

We all need little reminders from time and the Reminders feature is a great way to organize your iPad. You can sort and filter reminders based on notes and tags. You can create a customized list and it’s easy to delate or update reminders. This is a handy feature and adds a little more to the iPad experience too.

Find My Feature

Let’s say you accidentally left your device on the bus; you could quite easily locate that device with the Find My feature. When a friend shares their location with you, their location will show too. It’s a great feature and while you mightn’t hopefully need it often, it’s handy to have just in case.

The Quick Note Feature

When you need to take a note of something, you immediately reach for a quick note, and this is now a feature available on the iPad iOS 15. Quick Note can be used whenever you need it and swipe it away when you’re done. You can also adjust the size of the note accordingly. This feature is more useful than you realize.

Add Images to Notes

When you take a note, you can add an image to it. You can drag the image to the drawing area then resize or reposition onto the note. This is a nice feature. It’s simple, effective, but allows you to get a more diverse way to take notes.

Tag in Notes

The Quick Notes feature also allows you to create tags. This can help when you want to organize your notes more effectively or just make things clearer. You’ll maybe not use this feature often, however, it can be ideal if you’re someone who scribbles a lot of notes down. With the tag features, you’ll be able to organize your notes in groups or categories. That should make it easier to find the relevant notes when necessary.

A New Safari Design

The new look of Safari features a tab bar that is more compact and comes with Smart Search technology. There is a handy ‘More Menu’ feature within Safari that houses translate, reader, sharing, and other links. The redesign looks good and helps to create a compact but convenient user-experience.

A New Photo App

The new photo app offers a fresh new design and is fully integrated with Apple Music. You can use your memories to get music suggestions. The feature will also allow you to sync photos and videos. You can get a personalized experience with this feature, and it can feel quite modern.

Interactive Globe View in Maps

The map features have gone through slight upgrades, and you now have access to an interactive globe view. You get 3D views of cities. There are 3D views of buildings, commercial districts, and more. It’s impressive and there is also a driving experience that details turn and bike lanes, crosswalks, and even medians. The upgrade is quite different, to say the least.

Siri Requests

iPad iOS 15 uses Neural Engine while processing Siri requests. This helps to boost security and improves responsiveness also. You don’t need to be connected to the internet to use Siri and that’s useful, to say the least. Siri can process simple requests, such as displaying photos and sharing them in messages or initial a video call.

Endless Enjoyment

iPads are convenient devices but have come a long way since the very first hit the marketplace. The iOS 15 upgrades for the iPad are interesting, to say the least, especially the child protection and safety features. These alone make you sit up and take notice as it shows how important Apple takes child safety. Those features are fantastic and whether everyone agrees with them or otherwise, they hold great value. The latest features of the iPad iOS 15 look great and have lots of potential for users everywhere.