12 Features of Windows 10 You Should Be Using Every Day

April 19, 2020
Comment Chloe

Discover the best features of Windows 10 you should be using everyday!

Computers are part of our everyday life and there are some Windows 10 features that are worth using every day. Here is a list of things you might find useful.


The most well-known and one of the easiest features to use is Cortana– this key Windows feature gives you daily reminders and allows you to search for apps and settings of the computer. It can be voice-activated, or you can type in the information that you are looking for in the operating system, or  on the internet.

Start Menu 

Another crucial feature is the start menu which was brought back after the start screen in Windows 8.  However, the Windows 10 version has a new appearance, the tile-based outlook allows users to customize the size of the tiles (apps), according to their importance. 

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is another feature that gives you a better experience when using Windows 10, it is introduced as the best browser choice as it is faster. There are new attributes such as webpage markup, and reading mode, which can also be linked with Cortana.

Virtual Desktops

Everyday Windows feature is virtual desktops, it allows to switch between desktops by clicking on the task view located in the taskbar. This makes the movement between two or more desktops easier and helps keep everything organized even when using multiple programs.

Action Center 

The action center is another useful feature that Windows 10 gives its customers. Like smartphone notifications, the action center shows if there are unread emails, updates that need to be done or even breaking news. It also allows access to some of the most-used settings like brightness adjustment, Bluetooth, flight mode and others.

Game Mode

When it comes to gaming experience Windows 10 gives you a game mode which allows a better gaming experience as the computer’s CPU and GPU resources are focused on the games and the computer’s mute notifications that might be a distraction. 

Nearby Sharing

Nearby sharing is another Windows feature, which allows you to send photos or documents to close by desktops using Bluetooth or WiFi.  However, this feature is not yet supported on mobile phones.


One-drive is a great feature because it allows you to keep files on the cloud instead of taking up computer storage space. It gives you access to all the files you save, even from other devices, and is an amazing everyday feature that helps you keep all the important information you need without slowing down your computer.

Screen Capture Tool

Screen capture tool that lets you select and crop an area you want to screenshot, as well as additional cropping and markup. The screenshot can then be saved and shared as a file.

Clipboard History 

 Another new feature is clipboard history, which lets you paste a few items which were recently copied or cut, it works with images and text.

Voice Typing

Voice typing allows you to use the device hands free so you can use your computer from a distance.


You can customize your Windows with this feature as it allows you to choose the mode that suits you best. The choice is between light and dark mode or color mode.

Windows features are in place to help us with our everyday tasks and knowing all these features might make your work with your computer even easier.