Siri, Alexa or Cortana: Who’s Better?

October 6, 2017
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The 2010s is the age of the virtual assistant and every operating system on smartphones have dedicated their time and effort to make sure theirs is the best one. These virtual assistants literally assist you with anything they ask you to and if they can’t, they have been known to give very sarcastic comments.
However, choosing the best phone based on its virtual assistant can be quite tough because each one of them sports different advantages and benefits. The 3 major virtual assistants are Alexa, Cortana and Siri. Here is what you can expect from them based on interviews done by experts and posing questions to them.

Alexa is the virtual assistant that accompanies Amazon devices and possibly quite the simplest. She is not as advanced as Siri and Cortana, but she gets the task done as best as she can. Like Cortana, she has a friendly personality and her jokes are often based on wordplay. A big downfall is the fact that Alexa is not programmed to interpret your question if she misheard it. She will simply say she does not know the answer or ignore you. One of the benefits of Alexa is the Echo system she comes on. She can pick up your voice from a distance. Imagine telling her to play music from anywhere in your house.

Cortana is the virtual assistant that comes with all Microsoft phones and she is great at creating reminders or to-do lists. She seems to a lot perkier than the other assistants and she has the ‘geekiest’ personality out of all of them. Her jokes are filled with puns. However, she seems to lack skill in the GPS area. When asked how well she knew this area, she gave no points of interests but rather located one single chain restaurant and its stores in a 5-mile radius.

One of the most well-known virtual assistants is Siri and she comes standard with the Apple iPhones. She tends to be a bit more sarcastic than her counterparts, but she does the task at hand. While it is difficult for virtual assistants to pick up exactly what you have said, Siri is able to interpret different versions of your question to get the best answer. However, she is very slow when it comes to creating notes or creating to-do lists. She is straight to the point and gets you the answer to your question without any difficulty. At times she can be ‘cold’, and her humor leaves much to be desired.

Choosing the right virtual assistant is almost like choosing a real assistant and it requires research or quite often an interview or two. Each assistant has strengths and weaknesses and your choice will be determined by the need you have for each. Many people usually choose the assistant based on how well they know the brand, but this is a biased approach if you want an honest selection.