15 Devices to Make Your Home Smarter

December 1, 2021
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What’s the point of smart home technology if you’re not going to use it to improve your everyday lives? As technology advances in these world of smart home devices, you can use this technology to simplify your life. Which is a relief, considering how complicated it can get. This article will take a look at some category of devices that you can look for to make your home smarter.

1. Smart Thermostats


Smart thermostats are excellent features to have in your home. These have the ability to completely revolutionize how we heat our homes. For one thing, they have motion sensors, which can detect whether or not there is any activity in the home. They can use this information to make sure the home is properly heated during peak times of your family being home, without heating your home too much without anyone there. This also allows to set a max temperature, so the thermostat never goes above that heat and has an app for you to better control the thermostat right from your phone.

2. Smart Doorbells


Who needs regular doorbells when you can have a doorbell that allows you to see who’s at your door without you having to actually go to the door? These doorbells have cameras and microphones on them, sending you a video to your phone no matter where you are in the house or away from it. Depending on the device, you also have the ability to record clips of who rings the doorbell to save. With more advanced technology, you can get facial recognition to recognize your family or some frequent guest to your home.

smart speakers

3. Smart Speakers


Smart speakers are among the oldest of the smart home technology devices on the market today. These can go all the way back to when Amazon first released Alexa in 2014. These days, smart speakers have become increasingly better. You can sync them together and with other devices, playing music or asking them whatever question you have.

4. Smart Water Monitor


While you may be familiar with the other technology, you may not know as much about smart water monitors. This is a device that can be attached to your pipes, then utilizes ultrasonic technology to detect any leaks that may exist in your system. This can save you money on wasted water as well as alert you to a problem before there becomes a more serious structural issue that you’ll need to deal with.

5. Smart Smoke Detectors


Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are essential devices in every home. Smart options for these detectors can be an excellent investment in your home. Not only can they alert you of a problem, but they can also tell you where the problem is and how fast it’s spreading. This is something that can significantly improve your safety in the home.

6. Smart Security Solutions


Your home should be your sanctuary, where you feel safe to be. Sometimes a standard security system just doesn’t cut it, which is why a smart security solution can be a wise investment in your home. These systems have indoor and outdoor cameras that link to the system, allowing you to monitor your home. They also have systems with 24/7 monitoring like the standard security systems.

Smart Lighting

7. Smart Lighting

Smart lightbulbs are another great feature to add into your home. You can control these lights wherever you are. There are options that are able to be connected to a network so that you can control them with your voice. These can help reduce your energy bills and make it look like someone’s home, even when you’re on vacation. There are several different smart lighting options that you can choose from.

8. Smart Plugs


Smart plugs are a great investment into your home to save energy. You can turn off items plugged into them remotely. These can even monitor your outlets to see how much energy they use, which can further help you save money on your energy bills.

9. Smart Air Conditioners


Smart air conditioning units may be newer options on the market of smart home devices, but these can also be great items to have in your home. The most basic model of this technology allows you to control the device from your smartphone. But the more advanced options can have the ability to turn on the units when you turn your lights on or control individual units around the home.

10. Smart Water Controller


For people who want a gorgeous garden, a smart water controller can be a great investment in your home. They can be attached to your outdoor taps, allowing you to voice control when to turn them on or create a schedule where they regularly go off. These can be adjusted easily through a smartphone app.

11. Smart Locks


Smart locks offer the ability to unlock your door remotely, whether you are home or away. You can give codes to family members who are watching your animals or your kids in case they forget their key. This is also helpful to you when you forget your key. This can also be helpful if you have your hands full when you come home, rather than worrying about dropping things as you fumble around to find your keys.

12. Smart TVs


Smart TVs are especially good for those people who are cutting the wire by making the move to streaming devices. You can access many of the streaming services right on the smart TV. You can even access games.

Smart Appliances

13. Smart Appliances


Smart technologies are coming towards your appliances. From smart fridges, which can take inventory of your items, to smart stoves that you can control wirelessly, smart appliances make functioning in your home much easier.

14. Smart Vacuums


Robot vacuums can take a little stress off of you by running around cleaning your home while you are home or away. Just set it and let it work its magic.

15. Pet Feeders


There are also pet feeders that you can get for your home, to feed your pets even when you’re not around. You can even splurge on one with a build-in webcam and speaker that you can use.



These smart devices can make a significant difference in your quality of life.