Which is Best Video Chat App: FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or Duo?

November 28, 2021
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These days, we learned to rely on technology so that we can be together, even when we physically can’t. We’ve developed a reliance on video chat apps, so now it’s a matter of choosing which one is the best one for whatever your needs are. Some of the top choices for video chat apps are FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and Duo. Which one is the best for you? Reading on, you can look at these options to see which one is the best one for your needs.



FaceTime is the go-to app for Apple users and is easily the best option for these users. The biggest downside of this app is that it is only for iOS and Mac. Other users can use a web browser to use FaceTime, but this significantly reduces features you can use. It also has a maximum of 32 free users at one time, which is a smaller number of users when compared to other similar apps.

This app comes preinstalled on all Apple products and has a ton of great features that users can use. One of the most appealing things about using FaceTime is that you can route your calls over Wi-Fi or data, which can give you better call quality than you would receive through your cellular provider. You can also use the Memojis, Animojis, and stickers as well.



Zoom really shines when it comes to a video conferencing app, as well as one of the best all-round video chat apps. There is a free option, which allows you to have up to 3 users for free. Otherwise, you have a time limit for how long the app can be used for more than that. It can also be used for any operating system, so users of any kind can use this program.

Zoom became hugely popular during the pandemic, becoming the go-to option for people, business, and schools to go about their daily activities. There are plenty of features, which is just one of the reasons why this was so popular during this time. For instance, screen sharing became one of its biggest selling features for schools and businesses, even on free versions of this app. If you want to avoid the time limits associated with the free app, you can get more time with the monthly payments of the higher tiers of this app.

One of the issues that this app had early on during its inception was that it was plagued by security issues. However, due to the stellar support offered by this platform, they were able to resolve many of these issues. This includes protecting any calls using this app with end-to-end encryption and a new privacy policy that you can take advantage of.



Skype has long been a solid option that people use, primarily because of how easy this program is to use. There can be a maximum of 50 free users at a time, which makes it an affordable option for those situations that don’t require a lot of people to use the app at the same time. You can also use Skype across many of the operating system platforms, including using it on the Xbox.

This has long been a solid choice that businesses have used to operate their business, especially since it can be used on practically any device and is free. However, if you need more than the 50 users at a time that you get with the free option, you will have to pay a bit of money for the business tier.

Skype is primarily known for its ability to connect landlines and even the most basic cell phones, supporting international calling and texting. This is something that you have to pay for but can be especially useful if you are trying to get a hold of someone internationally.

There are also plenty of features worth talking about when it comes to Skype. These great features include live transcription, screen sharing, and sometimes real-time translation of any in-chat audio.


Google Duo is a newer app that is easily the best video chat app for those who prefer Android products. It does work with other major operating systems, but it’s already installed on any Android device. You can have a maximum of 32 users on this app, which is fewer than the typical maximum users for the free programs, but this could be enough for what you need it for.

FaceTime has long been a popular option, which is why Google decided to create their own similar program. This is especially true since Google didn’t have their own native app, which caused their users to try finding other alternatives on the Google Play app store. The problem with this is that this would require their friends and other people to sign up for the same programs. That’s why Duo came along.

Google Duo is a very easy to use video chat app that is easily accessible for use with the Android native phone app. It also has a ton of really fun features that you can take advantage of, including allowing the user to record and send video messages to connect with their loved ones even if you can’t reach them in that exact moment.

It’s also available for other operating systems, including iOS, so you can use it to keep up with your friends and family who use Apple products.



There’s no definitive answer as to which video chat is the best app. It all depends on different factors such as your operating system, the device you are using, how many people you need/want on a call, and what features you need for your video chat. Each of these options have their pros and cons to consider, and each excels at different things. Think about what your specific needs are for your video chat app and consider the information written in this article to see which one best meets your needs.