5 Reasons To Back Up Your Devices

March 19, 2018
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We should all be backing up our devices whether they are tablets, iPad, computers and mobile phones.

Backing up devices is important for everyone from people who run businesses, to writers even to people who have their favourite computer games saved on their hard drive.

Here are 5 top reasons why you should back-up your devices.

Accidents can be fatal to your computer

People make mistakes especially on computers if you don’t know the first thing about computers.

For instances you see a very tempting email, open it and book you’ve just given hackers access to your computer. Viruses can wreak havoc on computers but if you are continually backing up your system then you can always go back to the time on your computer before the virus was opened.

You can also recover files from times before they were deleted.


All businesses must keep records for a certain time period. Whether for tax business or the rules and regulations or perhaps a customer has an enquiry you need to look back into the records from two years ago etc. Sometimes we think because we have something saved and stored then that’s ok it is safe. It is certainly not having one copy of all your records, receipts, medical patient records etc. is not the best idea, in fact, it’s the worst.

If you have your records backed up and your computer has a data disaster, then there is no loss of critical information. If you lose these records the IRS commissions can fine you for not securing this information. Not to mention the angry patients and customers when they find out.

Getting on top

Technology is growing but so are databases and viruses. Hackers are getting smarter. If there ever was a disaster look at the fact the first business to get back up and running again because they had everything backed up is going to be the one who gets all the business and profits.


Unfortunately, there have been so many businesses that have been victims of a data loss only to never open again. Keep in mind that disasters are not the only cause of data loss. Inexperienced people who simply made a mistake can event in a data loss as well as those who deliberately delete files perhaps in a revenge scheme for being fired. By having your data backed up and a disaster plan in place it can help to restore files and information keeping your business from shutting down and facing problems.

Repeating the work

If you suffer from failures and don’t have any backups it can mean redoing the work in the case of writers. A whole book can be finished you suffer data loss with no back-up it will mean re-writing the whole book again. You will have to re-create work that employees have been working on all week. This can have set-backs and affect the business. You have taken your precious time to do the work needed so instead of just saving to your computer make a back-up of it as well to ensure the file is safe and no need to waste more time re-doing it.