6 Reason Why Malware Bytes Is The Best Protection For Your Mac And PC

March 12, 2018
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Looking for a powerful and quality spyware program? Look no further than Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This system offers a lot that can protect your computer from vicious malware and kill it with ease. Below are but a few reasons to consider having this on your computer.

It’s Free

The first major benefit is that it’s free. Looking up the most anti-malware software you can find a lot of it is free. Although limited in what it can do for free, what it can offer is still pretty good. The pro versions offer a lot more and it’s a good investment to have that installed on your computer.

Detection Measures

A lot of malware programs can be found mostly through the internet. When we are using the internet, our computers are at constant risk. Because of this, a lot of the Anti-Malware companies build their Anti-Malware programs with this in mind. Because of that, they are able to detect sources of malware quite quickly since they are specialized in taking down threats like Trojans, RootKits, worms, spyware, and other generic viruses.

Protection Measures

Again because the Anti-Malware programs are designed specifically to take those kinds of viruses down, you can be sure that the program will protect you. They can protect you by eliminating the threat but also the companies inform the user and in the program itself it tells you where they found the malware too. That way you can protect yourself better in the future.


As I mentioned above, most malware is free, however, the pro versions offer a lot more than you really don’t want to pass up. It gets easier to purchase it because the cost of your protection under an anti-malware pro program is cheap. For Malwarebytes Premium you’d be looking at $52 a year.

Simple Set Up

When going through Premium, any updates that the system goes through you go through as well. It’s quite hands off once you have it all set up. Furthermore what you do need to do to set it all up is so simple, it’s a good reason to get it. You are but a very small payment and a few minutes away from having a quality anti-malware program protecting your computer.

Promotional Benefits

The company more than likely won’t be mentioning this right on their site, however, if you can talk to the right kind of people, you may get an opportunity to get a discount. A lot of companies today have embraced the idea of offering small perks to those who write reviews or recommend their products to other people on the internet. It’s a nice thing, and certainly a benefit to buying it. You could, in theory, be paying even less money for a quality program just by talking to people about it.


What the program has to offer is rather simple, but without it, a lot of harm could be done to your computer. Paired up with the fact that the cost is so small and you may be able to get a discount makes this a no-brainer.