5 Tips on Creating Secure Passwords

October 13, 2017
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On almost every website you visit and create a password, they tell you to choose a strong password. You should know by now that it is a bad idea for you to have one password that you use for everything. But how do you choose a strong password that is new and that you will remember for each account? This can be very daunting and it doesn’t help you to write it down – it has to be kept a secret! Here are 5 tips on how you can create a strong, secure password and remember it!

The base method
The idea behind the base method is that you have one password for each site, but you mix it up as you go along. You use one word that is familiar to you without any punctuation marks or numbers and you use it as the foundation for all your passwords. As you use it for your different accounts you can spice it up and add different characters to make it unique. This way you will be able to remember the words of the password and the few punctuation marks that are thrown in with it.

Use the name of a book
If you are an avid reader, you would have a lot of ideas that you can use for your password. You can easily use the name of your favorite book or author to create your password. If you have read about a character that made an impact in your reading experiences, you can choose to use the fictional name. This is easy to remember because it is difficult to forget a book with a strong story. However, you might have a problem choosing if you have more than one favorite book!

Remove the consonants
Wordsmiths, this one is especially for you. Choose any word or sentence for your password and remove the consonants of the words. You will be left with a jumble of vowels that will form your new password. This is an easy way to remember your new password because you can just remember the phrase and remove the vowels every time you log in. For example, you can type ‘My husband is amazing’. If you remove the vowels you will be left with ‘Myhsbndsmzng’. No one will guess what it is and no one will know what it means!

Use motor patterns
This method is perfect for people who love to create patterns. When choosing your new password, simply look at your keyboard and create a formation between the letters and the numbers. For example, if you start with 3 at the top of your keyboard, you could move down to EDC. Do this for as many rows as you can or create your own!

Reverse words
Another easy one is to choose a word, but then reverse it with a mixture of capital and lowercase letters, and later add punctuation marks or numbers. You could choose something like ’23 blue goblins’ and it would be ‘SnIlBoGeUlB32’.

Whatever you do, just don’t use “password” as your passwords because believe it or not, it’s one of the most popular passwords. Check back for more tips!