8 Fitness Apps For Getting in Shape

October 27, 2017
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Your New Year Resolution was to get into shape!! Many people make this resolution but not many actually carry it out. While the benefits of being in shape cannot be disputed, the process of getting there is NOT easy for most of us. In today’s digital world…fortunately there are many apps out there that can be downloaded to computers or smartphones which will make this easier offering encouragement and in some cases actually doing the actual planning for you. Some of the most useful fitness apps on the market are listed below:

The Fitbit App was originally designed to work with the Fitbit activity tracker which you wear. However, it is now also available as standalone fitness App.

-Uses Smartphone sensors as a pedometer – keep track of steps taken
-Uses GPS to simplify walking/running routes.
-Food log for nutrition

Johnson & Johnson 7 Min Workout App

-Particularly useful for beginners
-It shows and helps users complete a 7-minute workout
-Has an option for more advanced routines
-Can also help to create your own routine that suits you
-It’s like having your own personal trainer

Lose It!
Fit now’s Lose it combines exercise and nutrition goals.

-Calorie Counter
-Recipe Builder
-Exercise planner
-Combines the above to help keep users within their required calorie daily intake.
-Uses the phone’s built-in pedometer
-Can be integrated with many other fitness platforms
-Supports groups

Garmin Fit
Has to be used with an iPhone and relevant sensors.

-Particularly useful for biking –info on speed and pedaling rate
-On a walk or run it can track laps, time, distance, speed and calorie burn.
-Heart rate monitor
-You can train indoors with a foot pad


-Makes exercise fun game
-Tracks all walking and running…short or long, fast or slow
-Gives you points in grid squares called turf
-Build up points in grid squares called turf
-Can compete with friends for “more” Turf
-Helps runners and walkers to keep their resolutions by encouraging them to exercise more.

-Great resource for people interested in strength training and bodybuilding
-Data base of routines sorted per body part
-Detailed instructions
-Workout planner
-Exercise log
-Progress tracker

Pocket Yoga

-Voice and Video Instruction
-Hundreds of different poses
-Details on each pose and health benefits
-Available in three difficulties and three-time units

Couch to 5 K

-Designed to ease those couch potato people to assist with building up stamina and strength
-Twenty to Thirty Minute training courses are supplied three times a week
-Choose from 4 virtual coaches
-Automatic or Manual logging to keep track of progress

There are hundreds of Fitness Apps in the market. The ones highlighted above cover a variety of apps suitable for expert fitness enthusiasts or to help the person who just needs a little assistance in meeting that New Year resolution fitness target!