The Top 7 Wireless Headphones For 2017

October 23, 2017
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Bluetooth technology has come leaps and bounds since Apple’s pioneering first marketable attempt in the early 2000s. The world of wireless now offers clean, sharp sound and more comfortably engineered products for us to enjoy it through. With increasing numbers of these products finding themselves onto the market, it can be a little daunting knowing which wireless headphones to invest in. Here are some of our favourites and why we love them.

Bose SoundSport Wireless – These in-ear Bluetooth headphones are ideal for the gym and the new design has improved on the first model, combating sweat related issues which can cause the earpieces to dislodge. They produce a high quality, well-balanced sound and are comfortable to wear during prolonged workout periods. Though less popular than Bose’s ‘quiet comfort 35’ model, the accessibility of these headphones and their practical attributes has earned them a place on our top seven list.

Libratone Q Adapt noise-cancelling headphones – The chic design of these headphones is a pleasing enough feature. But this model isn’t on the most wanted list for its aesthetics. They are equipped with Active noise cancellation (ANC) which filters out day to day noise pollution allowing you’re a purer listening experience. And they have a feature Libratone calls ‘Bluetooth Plus 1’, which allows you to connect with a second Q Adapt headset via the mobile app so you can enjoy your music together without the fuss of an adapter. The ANC and your music automatically pause if you remove the headphones, an attribute you can choose to utilize, and they are available in both on-ear and in-ear models in a range of colours. These are just some of the great features of this model and we think this is a bargain, available online from just $179.00!

Master & Dynamics MW60 – Master & Dynamics are fairly new on the scene. Their last model, the MH40, wowed the market with its retro design and faultless engineering. Their new product, the MW60, doesn’t fall short of the mark. Maintaining aesthetic standard with its minimalist leather motif, they fold up to fit safely in hand when not in use and simple to use controls. Though M&D decided not to opt for ANC with this model, the snug fit of the ear pieces does a pretty decent job of it anyway. We feel this product, with its top-rated performance, iconic design and front line Apple software may be the best wireless headphone set available this year.

Beats Studio Wireless Headphones – An improved version of the Beats Studio Headphones (2013), which included the iconic beats design but failed to impress audiophiles. They are light, compactable and offer better Bluetooth technology that previous versions. They also have a longer battery life and are ANC ready with an enhanced digital signal processor (DSP). Beats has become a popular brand we trust so we feel these new improved Studios deserve a place on the top seven list.

Philips SHB9850NC – Philips has been providing the world with the highest quality and up to date audio technology for decades and you may think this set is an anomaly when you see the price tag! Ranging at around $140, these headphones offer some of the best quality for money on the market. They include ANC and Bluetooth AptX wireless technology, which may not be up to the standard of some higher marked products, but it’s still exceptional value for money! The look is that of any conservative Philips product, not as modern as some but still highly functional. We’ve chosen these headphones for what they offer to music lovers on a budget. Thanks, Philips.

Bower&Wilkins P5 Wireless – The sound quality of these headphones is crisp, clear and top of the range. They are at the pricier end of the spectrum, but an investment worth making if you can afford it. Fully adjustable fit and subtly updated design, including a passive mode wire, which powers down the active headset when attached, this is a design we feel competitors should be working from. The model incorporates similar features to others in its price range, but for the pure sound quality, it beats them hands down.

Beoplay H4 – These high end, super fashionable on-ear headphones are the ideal investment for the bass enthusiasts out there. The design is modern and simplistic, what we’ve come to know from B&O and the lambskin ear covers are oh so soft. They are more suited to bass-heavy genres of music and mainly aimed at a younger market, though they manage perfectly well with other styles and are in no way ‘age limited’. The only real drawback we found was the design of the earcups let in some noise pollution and the H4, unfortunately, does not include ANC technology, perhaps later models will take this into consideration. A great mid-range accessory when you have value in mind.