Apple’s Major Upgrades Are Revealed by the New iPhone 16 Leak

April 22, 2024
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Even though there are many months remaining in the launch of iPhone 16 series, speculations and leaks have started coming out. Similar to past years, the iPhone 16 series, powered with the iOS 18 update, will be among the best phones in the market. 

According to a report, iPhone sales made more than $200 billion in revenue for Apple in the 2023 financial year. The next release promises to have a premium design, faster processor, better camera, and brand-new generative AI features. Let’s check out some upgrades that we may see in the new iPhone series based on recent leaks.

Bigger Display than Before

Reports suggest that Apple will significantly increase the size of display in the iPhone 16 series. The 16 Pro will feature a 6.3 inch, while the Pro Max model will feature a 6.9 inch screen. It will be the biggest iPhone screen till now.

Similar to last year’s model, the 16 Pro series will have ProRes with 120hz refresh rate, offering peak and clear brightness to the phone. There will be a next-gen ceramic shield on the screen similar to the one in Samsung Galaxy S24. This means that the phone will be heavier and larger than previous models.

New Capture Button & Bigger Action Button 

Capture Button & Bigger Action Button

iOS and macOS users last year experienced the Action button for the first time in iPhone 15, as it replaced the mute button. Reports are suggesting that the upcoming series of phones will have a larger action button than the one offered in iPhone 15 series.

Some leaked dummy images are doing rounds on the internet. If they are to be believed, then this year a brand new Capture button will be added to the phone. Its function will be to act as a dedicated shutter button for the camera.

Similar Body & Design as iPhone 15

The iPhone 16 series will likely have a similar design as the previous model. There will be a titanium chassis featuring sleek curvature, and there will be a USB-C port to support data transfer at a high bandwidth.

Chances are there will be two new color options, rose titanium and space black in the new series. Also, the 16 Pro chassis can be similar to the mirror finish of the 14 Pro model. This is a drawback because it invites fingerprints and smudges on the screen. Apple even plans to debut their vertical dual-camera setup in the new series.

Better Camera Performance 

Better Camera Performance

Even though the iPhone 16 Pro lineup will have the triple-camera model as previous versions, there will be lots of upgrades made to the hardware. Reports suggest that the phone will have the tetra-prism telephoto lens, with the Pro Max model featuring a bigger lens with 300mm zoom. 

Recently, other smartphone brands like Samsung have made a lot of improvements to their phone cameras, and Apple plans on competing with them. There are rumors that the new range of iPhone will feature video recording in 8K for the first time ever. If this is true, then Apple users are definitely in for a treat and can record videos in crystal-clear quality. 

New, Powerful Processor

Apple’s processors have always been of the best quality, whether it is their iPhone, iPad, or the MacBook. Leaks are saying that the 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max models will feature the super-powerful A18 Pro Bionic processor.

Also, it is likely that Apple will offer a storage of 256 GB as base which will go up to 1 TB. The processor in previous iPhone model was great, but the new A series processor will be a really powerful upgrade for users. 

Generative AI Features

As Apple introduces their new A chip for the processor, reports say that the 16 Pro series will have a host of new generative AI features and experiences. Some features may include enhanced Siri intelligence on the device, better app for gallery with AI-based editing technology, AI-assisted photo and video shooting, and more. 

There is a developer’s conference scheduled for 10th June and Apple will most likely announce some of the new AI features in the upcoming iPhone 16 series. Artificial intelligence is improving with every passing day, and Apple has to leverage the power of this technology to improve the performance of their devices.


Apple’s iPhone has a loyal following all over the globe and people wait for the new release every year with excitement. Several leaks online are trending about the major upgrades that we might be seeing in the upcoming iPhone 16 series. 

It will be the first range of devices to get the iOS 18 update and Apple enthusiasts are patiently waiting to know what the new device will offer them. We talked about some updates which are likely to be in the new iPhone range based on rumors. For now, what we can do is wait for more official announcements so that we get a clearer picture.