How To Boost Your Wi-Fi At Home

February 2, 2018
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Sometimes you will find your internet seems to be travelling at a crawling speed, drops out and then you can hit a full wireless dead zone. If you are finding the only way, you can get good wireless reception is to be in the same room as your router then there are a few tips you can try to improve your signal and avoid sitting right next to the modem.

Going the distance

Distance is a real problem sometimes, and wireless signals have a range they can happily travel. The performance will slow or stop altogether if you have to cover an area that is larger than the optimal range or if there are lots of corners between you and the router.

Other devices that are wireless can interfere with the signal so it pays to get a telephone that uses a DECT6.0 that will coincide well with Wi-Fi networks. A problem doesn’t always mean interference it could mean someone else is using your connection and it pays to look at your routers settings to check the number of devices connected. A network analyzer tool can also detent unknown connections using your network. Make sure your connection is closed not open and set up some security with a secure password.

Using an ethernet cable

You can use an ethernet cord to connect computers to your network via the router. These are not as expensive and run a lot faster with the added protection of being more secure than wireless. You can also run an ethernet cable between two routers to add more speed and reliability, but this can be challenging with so many cords.

Mesh networking

Mesh networking is using multiple access points in your home. These work well for large homes when the single router doesn’t go to every room. A single router won’t be enough to cover a vast house, so you should opt for mesh networking especially if you have a house with lots of corners and nooks. If you have a brick wall or concrete blocks these are signal killing where mesh networking is the go.

Powerful Wi-Fi routers

If you have a router with a powerful signal, this will allow you to connect at a more powerful and reliable speed from a more greater distance than before. Take into consideration when looking for a powerful router that you need something for the size of coverage you want and the number of connections, you want to make. Setting up a powerful Wi-Fi router is simple with on-screen steps to help you through. Why suffer from slow connections and unreliable interruptions when you can have a fast, powerful internet connection each and every day perfect for streaming, business at home and plenty of games online for the children to play. Helping to ensure each and every member of your household happy.