9 Awesome Apps for your Mac

February 5, 2018
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Backing up your files, sharing with friends and sending across various devices is something we all like to do especially when we want to share holiday snaps.Dropbox is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. You can set up an account in a few clicks and installation is easy and straightforward. You can work on a document inside your Dropbox, and it will save the changes automatically. There is 2gb storage up for grabs for free with the choice of upgrading for a fee as well if needed.


Twitter has it’s up and downs, but it is still a loved app and used worldwide. Twitter is fast when keeping in touch and allows us to follow movie stars and actors to see what’s happening in their world. You can follow news channels to keep up to date with what is happening around the world. There isn’t much going for customisation on twitter, but with its simple design outline, it works well for some.


With Google Chrome it’s popular and easy to navigate through with the settings, bookmarks and search bar. Adding a Google account gives you more access and offers many different plugins like Google Hangout.Chrome is fast and avoids crashing as much as other browsers are known to do.

iPassword is perfect for the MacBook. It is a password manager that remembers passwords for you, so you don’t have to. It’s a simple program, easy to use and is safe with financial information with the help of encrypters. You have a vault where everything is stored, so you only have the one master password to remember to unlock your vault.

Fantastical 2

A default calendar for the MacBook. This calendar has everything you need, a simple layout, add a shortcut to your toolbar, reminders and plenty more.This calendar has customizable settings and views so you can make it yours to suit everything about you.

Daisy Disk.

A new hard drive feels wonderful clean, organised and new. It is an opportunity to think of all the things you shall fill it with, documents, folders, icons etc. Backups tend to fill your hard drive without you even knowing it. Daisy Disk helps you to check what is eating your hard drive and get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

Daisy Disk will colour code files to make viewing easier and even lets you view offending files directly with a click.


When you start installing things onto your Mac, you will slowly be greeted by a pile of icons. These shortcuts can be useful but can eventually make it hard to find things on your desktop and create unnecessary clutter.The bartender is a program that rearranges the icons in the way that suits you and can hide icons that you don’t use often.


An image editing program that is popular and one everyone knows about. Photoshop is large and has so many features you can get lost at the first glance.It is highly rated for image editing but can sometimes be too much just for simple photo jobs like editing your brightness or changing sizes.

Text Wrangler

Macs offer text editors like iWork’s and TextEdit but if you’re looking to write in plain text or code Text Wrangler lets you edit plain text easily.It doesn’t offer advanced features, so it is more suited for beginners than the pros.