In-Home Tech Support Vs. Phone Support

January 9, 2018
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As a society, we have become accustomed to calling for technical support or shopping online for a live chat. While both of these services can be helpful, there is nothing quite like having someone physically present to deal with the issues at hand.

Phone Support 
When you pick up the phone and call someone for assistance there is only so much they can do. Its effectiveness really depends on your level of understanding and the complexity of the problem that you’re facing. Many people prefer phone support to live chat because you are hearing a real voice and can express exactly what you’re dealing with. However, with phone support comes background noise, getting put on hold for long periods of time, slow response time, and general frustration. It might be a relatively simple issue that you can be walked through over the phone, but chances are you have tried all of that and you need real help.

So, while there are benefits to phone support- they certainly get crushed when it comes to the personalized support offered by in-home technician support.

In-Home Tech Support 
With the popularity of technology, it’s no wonder people love to take advantage of the Genius Bar and the Geek Squad. Having an expert explain the basics is a great way to learn, and having a hands-on teacher by your side to take you through each step ensures it sticks.

Whether it’s to deal with a repair, installation, data recovery, or you’re dealing with a phone, Mac, or PC. There is a nerd that is fully certified and standing by to answer your cry for help.

You can expect a high level of service no matter what your issue- you can even have your nerd come and give you training for software, computer, smartphone, tablet, social media, and even special requests. The nerds can assist you with setting up your car Bluetooth, home Wi-Fi, home theatre and TV, smartphone, printer, tablet, scanner, or fax. Additionally, they can save your system from malware, spyware, viruses, data recovery, data transfer, upgrades, and computer diagnosis. No job is too big for the nerds and you can expect a friendly operative to help you out.

Why get sucked into phone support, when you can send out a nerd alert and get a certified nerd that is matched to your needs straight to your home the same day?! You don’t need to sit on hold for two hours just to get your problem sorted out. Instead, you can have someone take care of every step for you while in the comfort of your own home. Every nerd is vetted thoroughly, fully trained, and certified. If your issue isn’t an emergency you can simply book an appointment that is suitable for your needs, or you can book by nerd if you’ve worked with someone before and had a great experience.