Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About the iPhone 11

October 17, 2019
Comment Chloe

2019 is ending with the release of Apple’s latest flagship: iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The phones are out in the market now, and the Apple fanboys are already going nuts around the latest features Apple has to offer. Not intending to keep you waiting, let’s get started with some of the interesting facts about the iPhone 11 series which I bet you never knew:

1. Neat camera settings

iPhones are known for their camera quality and ease of photographic usage. The new iPhone 11 comes up with a dual-lens camera array. This is a massive upgrade from a single camera system of iPhone XR. Interestingly, the 11 Pro, and Pro Max have three lenses – making them two of the obvious choices for the occasional photographers.

When we talk about the camera settings and interface, iPhone 11 is pretty reliable and robust. The default settings do all the heavy lifting in terms of capturing the best possible photos and videos. This is precisely what a user demands. 

2. WiFi 6 – Superfast WiFi

The 6th generation WiFi, also known as WiFi 6, enables the series to provide the best available internet connectivity. In a crowded area, this feature will allow you to be four times faster than the rest of the connected devices. You will also experience around 45% of increased data speed on a WiFi 6 enabled network.

3. Excellent battery life

The iPhone 11 lasts 1 hour longer than its predecessor iPhone XR. Please keep this in mind that iPhone XR already has a very efficient battery and runs for 15-16 hours on a single charge. iPhone 11 pro comes with 18W USB-C type super fast charger, and it is also enabled with wireless Qi charging.

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4. Comes in all-new colors

One more interesting fact about the iPhone 11 series is that they come in 10 different colors – all brand new. Yes, you might find some similar colors in the previous version, but none of them are precisely the same ones as they have in the latest series. The most talked-about colors are green and purple, which are entirely new to the Apple ecosystem. The basic black, silver, yellow, and red variants are also different from the previous versions. iPhone 11 pro models have matte-finishings at the back which make them look completely different from their predecessors which have glossy back designs.

5. 30% faster Face ID recognition

According to the announcements made by Apple, the iPhone 11 series will have a revamped facial ID recognition panel. This will make the Face ID unlocking 30% faster than the previous models. Also, the Face ID will work on steeper angles as well. Even holding your phones at non-vertical angles can give you desired results. 

6. 3D touch replaced by Haptic touch

Apples launched 3D Touch back in 2015 as its first pressure touch technology with the iPhones. Interestingly, because the response wasn’t as great as Apple anticipated, they have replaced it with a newer technology called Haptic Touch in the iPhone 11 series. Where 3D touch’s functionality depended on the amount of pressure your finger exerts on the screen, the Haptic touch technology relies on the amount of time you have your finger on the screen.