IoT: Smarticize Your Home with Smart Technology

August 25, 2017
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Smartphones, Smart Cars and now our Homes are getting smarter. In this dynamic world, the Internet of Things or IoT, is advancing at the speed of light. The goal is to automate everything in your home so that you can control it with the tips of your fingers. This is only the beginning…everything is getting more intelligent. If you’re looking to Smarticize your home, we recommend that you check out these 7 devices.

1. Philips Hue
Let there be light! The Phillips Hue offers personal wireless lighting. It enables the users to create and control light using their tablets or Smartphones. This helps you personalize light to suit you and those around you. The Phillips Hue lighting is not only there to brighten your home, it is also there to help you save money on your light bill.

Smart homes setup

2. Abode Smart Security
Protect your Abode with this is new security and home automation system. It is a complete UL-certified security system and instead of dishing out a hefty monthly or yearly fee, Abode offers a super affordable price of FREE. It’s a professional-grade security solution, easy to setup and install, and it connects to Amazon’s famous Alexa.

Setup abode security system

3. Ring Door Bells
Ring Video Doorbell is one of the first battery operated, WiFi enabled, HD video doorbell. It allows you to see and speak with people on your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world, by accessing a live video and audio feed from an app on your phone. It can also be powered by using your existing doorbell wires. It’s easy to install and works with various smart door locks as well. Now you never have to leave your seat!

Setup ring doorbell

4. MyQ Garage Door Opener
This allows you to connect to your garage by using you Smartphone. This new Android and iPhone garage door opener app is the new and best way to open your garage. It is also used to monitor your lights from far or near. It notifies users when the garage door is opened or if you may have forgotten to close it. Throw your traditional garage door opener in the trash and use your smartphone as the remote control to the real world.

Change to smart garage

5. Nest Cam
This is designed to monitor your home from anywhere in the world. It has 24HR live streaming, intelligent alerts with nest aware, a versatile magnetic stand and one app for all the nest products. Plug in and watch what is going on live in 1080p HD. Some of its features include a 130-degree wide viewing angle and advanced night vision with zoom capabilities. Because of the Nest Cam, the next Home Alone movie has been put on hold.

Help setup nest cam

6. Family Hub Refrigerator
Not only does the Family Hub Refrigerator keep your drinks cold, it keeps you entertained too! With a built-in LED touch screen, this WiFi enabled entertainment system is one way to bring cool new technology to the kitchen. What more can you ask for?

Set up smart refrigerator

7. Kwikset Smart Lock
This technology lets users program their own personal code to lock and unlock doors to their home. Forget about your keys, Kwikset Smart Lock has got you covered. Put your keys away and use your fingers…that’s right, your fingers to open the door. As long as you have your smartphone in your pocket or purse, the lock will recognize that and give you access. This smart lock also works with Ring Doorbell, so if you’re at work and you want to let the kids in, it all happens from the pressing of a button.

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