Is the Ring Doorbell Worth My Money?

April 6, 2020
Comment Chloe

The ring doorbell has been taking the smart home market by storm. More people are reliant on smart devices than ever for home security, and the Ring doorbell provides just that. We have to ask ourselves this question, is it worth it? Let’s find out.


If you were to research how the Ring doorbell looks on a home, you would find that it is bulkier than other smart doorbells on the market. The design is clunky and has a boxy shape and definitely stands out. It clearly won’t run flush with your doorframe. That being said, if you want a doorbell that seamlessly blends in, then the Ring doorbell probably isn’t worth it for you.

Camera Quality

One of the main reasons someone would choose the Ring doorbell over a conventional doorbell is its built-in camera. After all, the main selling point is that you can see who approaches your door. The camera quality isn’t HD picture-perfect, but you get an accurate picture nonetheless. You do need a speedy WiFi network to capture images live, so you may need to purchase a faster internet provider if you want to get the most out of the Ring doorbell. You can also talk to visitors at your door through the doorbell, which is a bonus. The audio quality is decent, and you can easily understand. 


How quick and easy the Ring doorbell is to install will most likely affect if you believe it is worth purchasing or not. Overall, the installation process is very doable. Ring Inc. will send you practically everything you need in order to install it. You just need a drill if your walls are concrete or brick. If you have wood, you won’t need a drill and just need the pieces that come with the doorbell. 


For most people, price matters when contemplating purchasing something as particular as a smart device. With the Ring doorbell, you pay for the doorbell itself, and that’s it. You only pay extra if you want to add cloud storage and a protection plan. It is worth buying the protection plan if you plan on saving your videos for more than one time use, but overall, you don’t need to purchase anything extra to get the basic functionality of the doorbell. You can purchase both monthly and annual subscriptions. Monthly the plans range from 3-10 dollars. For the once a year plan, the price ranges from 30-100 dollars. You should do your own research before considering a subscription plan as there are two types of plans; Protect Plus and Protect Basic. These costs are obviously separate from the cost of the doorbell itself, which ranges from 100-500 dollars depending on which type you buy. 

Final Thoughts

Is the Ring doorbell worth it? We will let you formulate your own opinion based on the information we have provided. Overall, the Ring doorbell appears to be a great asset. It’s affordable and does the job it’s supposed to do.