Laptop or Tablet, Which Is Better?

October 10, 2019
Comment Chloe

Tablets have been becoming more and more popular, but have they replaced the traditional Laptop? Still confused about whether to choose a laptop or tablet. This depends on your personal needs. Let’s break down some of the differences between the two. 


Do you tend to just watch videos or series and movies, shop online and check emails regularly, and write up a letter on occasion? Then a Tablet is most likely better for you. 

However, if you need to do a lot of typing, edit videos, store a lot of files, or consider yourself a dedicated gamer, you’re going to need a laptop. 


Both laptops and tablets are designed to be portable, but tablets are much lighter than most laptops. If you know you’ll be carrying your device around with you, a Tablet is ideal. Otherwise you’ll end up hurting your back or shoulder if you carry a laptop around with you everywhere. 

Laptop or tablet- no matter which you choose, you’ll need to invest in a screen protector and case to keep it safe. 


Laptops offer a wide variety of ports and connectors: USB, HDMI, SD card readers, Auxiliary, Ethernet, and so on. You can also attach a webcam, external hard drives, displays, etc. 

Whereas Tablets will usually only have USB ports, the charging port, and a headphone jack.

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Tablets have a very closed system which makes it more unlikely for you to get any malware or viruses. 

Laptops usually use Windows, and because it’s so much more popular it is a regular target. This means you would require some sort of security software. 

So even though Tablets are technically safer, you can never be completely immune to spam emails, phishing, and so on.


If you would consider yourself more to be a casual gamer, who enjoys a variety of different apps, Tablets are the best choice. You can easily find puzzle, RPG, platform, racing games and many more. 

For the more serious gamers, who prefer popular franchises such as League of Legends, then you’ll need a laptop. For the best experience playing these games though, a cheap laptop won’t do as it won’t have the processing power to support the graphics otherwise.


There are a wide variety of different models for both Laptops and Tablets, and you’ll need to set a budget for yourself before you even start looking. 

The cheapest of laptops would cost a minimum of $400, but it would most likely be made from inexpensive plastic. It also probably won’t be a very modern model, so all of the processors, displays and hard drives will be older models of lower quality, so it could be rather slow. 

A cheap Tablet, which is also good value for your money, would start from around $100. Of course, just like Laptops, if you’re willing to spend more the quality will be better and it will run faster.


Tablets are more portable and are better for casual use, whereas Laptops offer more productivity. Just remember these key points and you should be able to decide between choosing a laptop or tablet.