10 Top Features of iOS 13

October 9, 2019
Comment Chloe

Apple released its latest iOS 13 on 19th September 2019 and its 1st update iOS 13.1 on 24th September. Let’s study 10 of the most amazing features that iOS 13 has to offer to the iPhone and iPad users:

1. Dark Mode

This is probably the most talked-about feature that Apple has rolled out with iOS 13. The system-wide dark mode is eye-friendly and soothing to operate. All of Apple’s apps and even notifications support this dark mode, and together, the entire smartphone experience becomes exceptional.

2. Hide your email address

iOS 13’s central theme seems to be user privacy. Along with the famous ‘Sign in with apple’ feature where users can sign into their social platforms using Face ID recognition; iOS 13 has also provided a feature to hide user email upon request. Uses can choose not to give away their email address to the third-party apps and services which they suspect can spam their inbox.

3. Swiping ‘Quick-Path’ Keyboard

If you are an android user, this feature may seem a bit outdated but for an iOS user, swiping keyboard has just been launched with the new update. This ‘Quick-Path’ keyboard functions the same way Swiftkey does. You have to move your finger on the alphabets corresponding to the word they resemble without lifting- another new feature of iOS 13.

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4. Update Reminders

The reminders app is wholly overhauled in this new update. The users are loving a brand new interface of reminders app. There are additional filtering options which include Today, Scheduled, and Flagged reminders. 

5. Revamped Apple Maps

Just like Google street view, Apple maps has introduced 3D mapping of buildings and streets. This feature is called ‘Look Around’ in the Apple maps. “Share ETA” is another useful feature that is introduced to iPhone users. With this, the users can share their Estimated Time of Arrival with their friends and family while navigating to them.

6. New download manager for Safari

Downloading files from Safari is now possible with the introduction of a new download manager. With this new addition, users can download, check the status of data being downloaded, and access the file easily after the download is completed. 

7. Full Page Screenshot (only for websites, emails, and maps)

With the arrival of iOS 13, taking multiple screenshots of the same page is now a thing of the past. If you want to take a full screenshot of a website while using Safari, you have to tap on the ‘Thumbnail Preview’ option. You’ll see two sub-options names ‘Screen’ and ‘Full Page.’ Tap on ‘Full page,’ and you’ll have it saved on your phone. This function only works on Safari, mails, and Apple Maps.

8. Share Photos After Hiding The Location

iOS 13 users can share their photos even after removing the location information. This doesn’t mean that the geotagging will be removed from the images which you share. The geotagging will be intact, and you can still search the photos using the location search in the Photos App. However, if you want to strip this information off while sharing, you can very well do it!
This is one of the best features of iOS 13. 

9. Smaller App Sizes

A new style of app packaging has been adapted, which made the app sizes up to 50% smaller. With this upgrade, the apps are getting launched quickly and are taking less space in the storage.

10. Optimized Battery Charging

Apple’s new optimized battery charging feature will help the users to increase the overall life of the battery. It reduces battery degradation by not charging it completely when you don’t need to. Machine learning will determine your daily battery usage, and depending on the routine usage, the optimized charging will take place.