Should I Get a Laptop or Tablet?

October 24, 2021
Comment Chloe

It looks like an impossible task choosing between a laptop and tablet. Both look viable, and the reality is that they can be an ideal choice for anyone also. It’s not easy buying a new computer, whether you prefer tablet PCs or laptops. You have many makes and models of computers and they stretch from the inexpensive to the very expensive. Tablets are the latest craze but are they as impressive as they’re touted? Are laptops as extensive as intended? It’s not an easy choice to make, so should you get a laptop or a tablet?

Tablets Vs. Laptops


You are in two minds over laptops and tablets; it’s understandable because they both look decent prospects. Tablets are smaller, more portable, and lighter to carry. You’ll find most tablets have a decent (and often longer) battery life. Tablets are designed for media, such as searching the web, watching movies, and listening to music. Laptops, on the other hand, are powerful, have tones of features, and programs. You will also find you can be slightly more productive with a laptop. However, prices will vary significantly between tablets and laptops.

You also have the option of hybrid computers – convertibles or 2-in-1. These computers give you the best of laptops and tablets. Of course, hybrids are slightly heavier than tablets but can run more programs than them. Deciding between a laptop and tablet may very well come down to your computing needs, rather than what’s trendier.

Laptops Have a Simpler Input Method


While you might not think too much about how you use a computer, it does make a huge difference for usability. Tablets focus solely on a touchscreen input, whereas a laptop can have a variety of input methods. For example, a laptop can have both a standard attached keyboard and touchscreen (if you choose a 2-in-1 device). When you are typing on a tablet, you are limited to a virtual keyboard and that can be restrictive. It can also, be somewhat difficult if you’re used to a standard keyboard layout.

Of course, you could add a Bluetooth keyboard with a tablet; however, that isn’t always convenient. As said, it all depends on how what you’re using the computer for and how often. You might love the notion of a tablet, but if it’s difficult to get the same input as a laptop, it mightn’t be the right choice for you now.

A Tablet Is Slightly More Portable


There is no denying that tablets are far versatile, more so than a laptop, especially since it’s incredibly lightweight and can be taken almost anywhere. You can use it on a train, bus, in the car, all without annoying other passengers. It’s also easier to move around since tablets are generally smaller than a laptop. Of course, laptops are portable too; however, they could be slightly heavier and bulkier to transport. You also have power cables to contend with. Sometimes, a laptop is just too bulky to take out on a bus.

That doesn’t mean to say laptops are to be dismissed; however, if you travel a lot and use a computer on the go, tablets might be easier. Remember, a tablet can be slipped into any brief case or handbag and not add too much weight. That is a massive plus point, to say the least.

Better Battery Life


Laptops and tablets can have excellent battery life, but tablets might just edge the laptop out. In most cases, it’s down to the fact that tablets come with lower power requirements. While there is similar hardware, tablets have been designed for efficiency and that means bigger batteries and more capabilities. Laptop batteries can last sometimes eight hours or more; however, their batteries are smaller than tablets. That can create a slight advantage to the tablets. Of course, battery life mightn’t matter much if you stay close to home or use the computer at work. They’ll always be a power source nearby.

A Laptop Has More Storage Available


While Cloud storage is becoming more popular, there is still a huge demand for sufficient storage capacity on computers. Fortunately, laptops can have a massive amount of memory space. Some laptops have 500GB of storage, with the ability to connect an external hard drive with another 500GB. That impresses on a major scale because even if you don’t want to use external drives, there is plenty of space on the hard drive. There is also microSD card slots and USB ports for external storage.

Tablets have storage, unfortunately, it’s nowhere near as much as laptops. For instance, some tablets can hold only 16GB. That’s a major difference between 500GB. Of course, tablets do have USB ports and card slots to external storage solutions. However, laptops have greater storage available, and it does make a huge difference. When you need lots of storage on your computer, laptops make the better choice.

Laptops Have Excellent Performance


Tablets and laptops are powerful. You can email, stream videos, listen to music, play games, and do all sorts on laptops and tablets. Both can handle these simple tasks with relative ease; however, laptops seem to perform better. It’s also true when HD graphics are involved and when you’re trying to multi-task. Tablets are powerful machines, but laptops have somewhat better performance. It does depend on the actual machine, of course.

Software Capabilities


Programs can be responsive on laptops just as much as on a tablet; unfortunately, some programs do not run as smoothly on both. For instance, software can be downloaded and run on a tablet; however, it could run slow or become unresponsive. Sometimes, tablets are restrictive in terms of software and what is compatible with the device. Again, it can vary, depending on the actual computer and model. Some lower-end tablets can run well with almost any software; then again, some does not. Laptops tend to be less restrictive and that does make a huge difference.

Costs Wildly Vary


You can’t always base your decision on costs. There are laptops that cost a few hundred dollars and ones that cost close to a thousand dollars. Tablets can be picked up for fifty dollars, but they too stretch close towards a thousand. It all depends on the brand, condition, and model of the computer. While costs will have an impact in what you decide, it shouldn’t determine which type of computer you buy.

Which Is Best?


There’s no doubt that laptops offer great value for money, are flexible, versatile, and have many brands available. Tablets are great too; they’re portable, powerful, and can be ideal if you’re more into media. Choosing between the two may come down to your specific needs, wants, and preferences. Laptops might just have a slight edge, especially when it comes to productivity and the ability to get a 2-in-1 (laptop with tablet features). It’s important to look at what each has to offer and find the right computer for you and your home.