Six Easy Ways to Turn Your House into a Smart Home

January 18, 2018
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Upgrading Your Home with Smart Accessories

Upgrading your home to be smarter can be a lot of work with installing and setting up devices, but it’s cost-efficient and can even raise the value of your home. Here are some of the most-upgraded parts in a home.

Setting up smart plugs allows you to control your plugged-in electronics through an app. You can control when the system turns on and off, set timers to control how long your kids play and see the energy consumption they use.


Smart lighting allows you to program your lights to run more efficiently, lower your electricity bill, and turn lights on and off from the app. You can set the app, so the lights come on in the morning to help you wake up – set times for the lights to turn on and off, turn them on and off from the app if you want to come home to a lit house, and by programming the lights to run more efficiently, it saves you money on your electricity bill.


When you install a smart thermostat, you set the thermostat to your preferences. From these settings, your thermostat begins to learn about how you like your temperature set in your home to make sure you save money and are comfortable.

How it works is it takes the data from all the times you turn on the air, the heat, the fan, turn off the air and heat, adjust the temperature, and it learns to adjust the temperature based on your behaviours. If you consistently turn the air down at 5 pm every night, eventually it’ll do it for you.


Has your child or spouse ever left their keys at work, inside, or lost them all together? Chances are –they have. Having them sit on the front porch can be dangerous – and your family’s safety is a number one priority. Installing smart locks on your doors not only keeps people out but from your smartphone allows you to let people in – even when you’re not home. You don’t have to leave work, rush around, worry about your house key in the hands of someone else –it’s all done from the app on your smartphone.


To ensure your family is always secure inside your home – or that when you aren’t home you aren’t robbed – install smart locks and a glass break detector. The smart locks are one way to ensure your house is off limits to invaders, but a glass break detector notifies you when someone attempts to break a window or door and allows you to take the precautions needed beforehand.

Voice Control

Installing voice control enables you to turn on your speakers, lock the doors, turn on lights in any room, run bath water or start showers, control your tv with your words, set temperatures, set alarms, and much more. Having voice control in your home may seem cool, but it does take a lot of configuration to get it right and work well.

Living in a Smart Home

Living in a smart house can be fun and affordable. It can also be a way to ensure your family is safe and to monitor your house when you’re gone. These upgrades are available with several options to fit your needs.