Thinking About Getting an Apple Watch?

September 15, 2017
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An Apple product that grabbed a lot of attention from people is the new Apple Watch. It is the most compact way for Apple lovers to get the best of their Apple software at all times. It fits snug on the wrist and is literally the smart device you have been waiting for your entire life. It has the capability to run several apps and to access important information while you are on the go. If you are considering investing in an Apple Watch, here are 5 new features that you can look forward to.

New widgets
The new Apple Watch sports an entire range of widgets, or as they like to call them ‘complications’. These are the things that appear on your screen apart from the time and the date. The new version of watchOS will allow you to see multiple complications at the same time including flight times, moon phases, appointments and even the status of your IoT devices. These are all fully customizable, allowing you a personal experience in your everyday life.

Time planning and management tools
People who are extremely busy during the day and need to know what is happening hours in advance will find this tool very useful. The Apple Watch allows you to basically time travel with their new features. You can plan your schedule ahead on your watch and see where you need to be next. You can even view what you have going on for the rest of the week if you need to. All you have to do is spin the crown of the watch forward or backward as you scroll through the events. It will then show pertinent information regarding the time and date that you have spun towards.

Adjust settings using the crown
The new watchOS will allow you to use the crown of the watch to adjust a range of settings from your wrist. All you do is twist the crown in the direction where you want the settings to be and it is done.
In the demo of the new Apple Watch, it was shown that you can even adjust the temperature of your car if it is linked up to the Apple Watch. This type of technology will make it easy for people to plan and organize their work or home life without actually having to be at home or at work.

Nightstand mode
Looking for an alarm at night? The Apple Watch can be flipped onto its side and act as a nightstand in the evenings. The screen then rotates 90 degrees with the watch for better viewing, and you will be woken to the gentle sounds of the alarm.

Organize your mailbox
One of the best features of the new Apple Watch is that it allows you to organize your emails on the spot. You can reply to mail or trash mail all through the screen of the watch. This creates efficient working and ordering.

These are just 5 of the many features the Apple Watch offers. The Apple Watch isn’t for everyone, but if any of the bells and whistles above interests you, go pick one up and stay in sync!