Windows 10 vs. Mac OS Sierra

September 22, 2017
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The battle of the operating systems is as old as the first one that came out and Windows and Apple will always be the two giants in the business. Users anticipated the release of the new Windows 10 just as they anticipated the release of the Mac OS Sierra. Between these two operating systems, the world seems to be divided on a technological level. If you are unsure of which one to choose, here are a few ways in which they differ. Look at the facts, think about it, and decide for yourself which one is the best option for you.

The Windows 10 version has an interface that is ideal for tablets with huge option to navigate you to the apps. Its anniversary update cleaned up the start menu a bit for better access to programs. The interface works perfectly across all devices. The Mac OS Sierra shows visible similarities to the Mac OS X El Capitan which in turn is similar to the previous year’s Yosemite. The most important change that was implemented is the Picture-in-Picture video feature that is also present on the Apple iPad.

Both of the operating devices allow you to multitask as you are operating on your desktop by the use of virtual desktops. However, Windows 10 seems to offer opportunities where you can do more at once than you can on the Mac OS Sierra. Apple has added the split-screen feature on its desktop with the release of El Capitan, but the Windows operating system doubled this. They let you snap 4 different screens into a single grid. This works amazingly well if you have a big enough screen to support it.

Special features
Both of these operating systems allow you to operate your device from a secondary device like a smartphone or a smartwatch. Windows 10 released the brand new feature called Ink, which allows you to translate notes that you have written with your finger or Stylus into text form. Mac OS Sierra introduced Optimized Storage which allows you to store files that you don’t access often off your iCloud. The photos app has improved facial recognition which is a must for photographers. You also have more options to search your Memories, objects, and people, and you will be able to mirror your Desktop and Documents files across all Macs that run Sierra.

Web browsing
The new Microsoft Edge received extensions in Windows 10’s anniversary update, but it remains behind in terms of Safari’s extensions. Both browsers allow you to pin tabs, but only Safari allows you to mute noisy tabs. With Edge you have to physically enter the tab and deduce where the sound is coming from before putting a stop to it. Edge allows you to annotate pages with notes and doodles as you are reading for further reference, but experts note that this is not a patch on the advancements of Safari. This might be a useful feature for readers and academics around us.

Either of these two systems could work for anyone, it just depends on which kind of computer you want…manual or automatic, Mercedes or the DeLorean, Autobahn or go 25 miles per hour. Choose wisely.