Top 10 Benefits of Automating Your Home

January 29, 2018
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Automating your home with safety upgrades, energy-efficient upgrades, and for convenience will benefit you and your family for years to come. Safety is a number one priority for parents, and with these benefits, you’ll wonder why you’re not already upgraded.

Benefit #1: Adds Safety Through Appliance and Lighting Control 
Being able to control your appliances and lighting allows you to safeguard your home from attackers when you’re away. At night you can turn on lights and televisions to simulate someone being home.

This also allows you to turn off things you may have left home. They even have smart ovens that you can make sure you turned off – or turn them off from work if left on!

Benefit #2: Secures Home Through Automated Door Locks 
Making sure you lock your doors is always a thought people have after they leave the house, but you don’t want to drive all the way back to the house, especially if you’re already at the office. Through an app, you can make sure all your doors (and windows) are locked, and let in your kids or family members who misplaced or don’t have keys to your house.

Benefit #3: Increases Awareness Through Security Cameras 
Security cameras don’t only help to catch bad guys, they also make sure packages are safely delivered, to check who’s at the door, and to make sure there’s no making out on the porch.

Benefit #4: Increases Convenience Through Temperature Adjustment 
After a consistent change to the settings you provided your smart thermostat, it’ll begin to change the temperature based on your behaviour of turning down or up the temperature, turning on and off the fan, and what times you adjust the temperature of your home.

Benefit #5: Saves Time 
Automated locks and sensors allow you to remotely close the garage, lock the doors, and let people in all while you never have to leave work, miss a meeting, or fly back home to do it yourself.

Benefit #6: Saves Money and Increases Convenience 
A smart thermostat, lighting, and plugs are all energy efficient devices, so they save you money on your electricity bills. It’s also very convenient because you can voice control the tv to turn on to a specific channel for your kids while you’re in another room cooking dinner or working from home.

Benefit #7: Contributes to Economy 

You might think so but by buying smart devices for your home, you are putting money into the economy by buying the product, using the service and app, and upgrading those devices. You’re stimulating the economy and being environmental.