What is a VPN And Do I Need One?

December 27, 2021
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Did you know, iPhone setup could allow you to securely search the web via a virtual private network? Hackers, scammers, and even governments, are getting smarter when it comes to looking over your shoulder while surfing the web. You aren’t just worried about your financial payment information or keeping it safe, it’s about not having people track the sites you visit and unlocking geographical-restricted websites. VPN’s, however, allow you to get more protection online and give you peace of mind too. So, what is a VPN, and do you really need one?

The Virtual Private Network


It’s easy to get the wrong impression of a virtual private network – A VPN. You instantly think why someone is using a VPN, what are they hiding; it must be something underhand. The reality is that a VPN can be used for entirely innocent purposes, such as protecting themselves while using public Wi-Fi or just accessing sites restricted in your region. All totally above board, of course. A VPN shields your IP address and encrypts your data. For instance, you live in New York. You use a VPN, and your IP address identifies you as being in Paris. It’s a great but simple way to protect your online identity.

Protect Your Data from ISP


At home, you feel as though your ISP – internet service provider – is safe and secure. You’re happy with their tech help and overall, receive a great service from them. It’s safer to browse at home, but that doesn’t mean to say you’re completely safe. Your internet service provider collects data every time you surf the web. Even when you use a private browse function, data is collected by them. When there is a data breech, your information is compromised.

That puts you in a tricky situation and may result in personal info being leaked.

With a VPN, your IP address is hidden even from your internet service provider. That may make a huge difference and it’s one of the biggest reasons why a VPN can be an excellent idea. It’s more so about protecting your data than anything else.

Public Wi-Fi

Greater Security While Using Public Wi-Fi


Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it – use a café or hotel’s Wi-Fi to check our emails. It’s a free service the establishment provides and it’s convenient for you too. Unfortunately, public Wi-Fi comes with many risks, and you never know who is tracking your movements online. You aren’t doing anything you wouldn’t normally do, such as checking your emails or updating your social media accounts, but there is always a risk. Public Wi-Fi presents an easy opportunity for hackers and it’s even easier when you browse via a smartphone. With a VPN, you can protect yourself and data.

You can use a VPN on your iPhone too; you just need to choose the VPN setting on your iPhone setup and you’re good to go. It’s possible to hide your browsing history, shield passwords, and keep all banking and financial information secure. That is why VPNs are so popular today as they do give you slightly more security while using the web.

The Need for VPNs


It seems silly to use a virtual private network when you aren’t doing anything untoward online; however, that isn’t the point of them. VPNs are there to give you greater security online and hopefully, protect your personal data from being accessed by your internet service provider and hackers. It’s fully encrypted so can be securer.