What Is The Best Browser For You?

November 15, 2018
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Choosing a web browser to stick with isn’t so hard not like choosing an operating system of a computer. All the major web browsers are available free to download and are not complicated to download and install. Sometimes it isn’t about everyone else’s opinion on the best web browser but merely the one that works for you and has everything you need as an individual.


First, we have Chrome, quite popular and always often used when googling. You can set-up a google account and have access to a legit number of mobile apps. Chrome has a welcoming and reliable ecosystem, and with mobile apps spread onto each platform, it gives you the opportunity to sync your data easily. When using your google account, you are able to sign into your account on one device, and all your saved data and bookmarks come with it.
Chrome is fast and offers the privacy and security controls to be easily accessed and understandable. No mumbo jumbled information written in different languages or complicated information it’s all laid in plain English.


Firefox ranks higher now with its update Firefox Quantum. This web browser offers a clean, simpler modern design of a web browser. Quantum can handle multi-core processors and has a deep catalogue of components and interface customizations to fiddle with. Firefox Quantum is established enough to take on quicker processors as t hey are released. Firefox lets you share bookmarks between computers, but it isn’t as easy and efficient as doing it with chrome.

Microsoft edge

Edge has fewer icons and a toolbar to mirror windows 10. The address bar runs to the width of the whole page and has a trio of features like Cortana integration and special reading views. Edge design resembles Internet Explorer 11. Edge doesn’t just add a few updates here and there to look like they care, but they offer ongoing support for the likes of the assistant Cortana.

Edge doesn’t have much in the way of customisation which can turn people away from its bare look. Another downside is a third party is needed when you want to sync between devices.


Apple Safari has a few good features like top sites. Is it actually a browser version of your bookmarks. It shows a preview of your saved websites saving you from searching through the pages for the content. Another, her feature is the reading list; this gives you the ability to save URLs of articles you want to read at another time.

By clicking on the reader button on the search bar, you get rid of all advertisements and distractions, so you can just access the content you want to read.

Safari isn’t very customizable; you cannot choose backgrounds or themes and are unable to pin shortcuts. It does have spell check and a password manager if those are something more you are looking for.

The decision of what web browser to use should be decided upon what you need in a browser for your specific needs.