New Tech to Look Forward to in 2020

January 2, 2019
Comment Chloe

Its time to take a closer look at all the new tech that’s going to arrive in the year 2020!

It’s always exciting imagining what the next best gadget will be in the upcoming generations. With 2020 quickly approaching, it is common sense to expect some fascinating technology to come out of the woodworks. Here is some technology you can hope to make an appearance in 2020. 

Widespread Solar Power

Who doesn’t love the idea of endless power. We already know that this kind of technology already exists, but it’s being developed to become cheaper and more widespread. More people are adopting this technology, and it most definitely will become more popular when 2020 rolls around. It’s all set to be THE new tech this decade. 

Organ Printers

Most of us have heard of 3D printing, but some don’t know that this technology expands into medicine as well. The first 3D printed heart has emerged, and it is expected that more organs will be able to be developed through this technology. By 2020, it may even expand to being able to function inside the human body. 

Customer Service Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has and is already being tested within retail and has been proven rather successful. Many companies have adopted it from fast food to regular department stores. In 2020, it is predicted that more Artifical Intelligence will be developed for more personalized and specialized tasks. 

5G Data

With smartphones becoming the world’s superpower, data networks are working to keep up with the growth. 5G data so far has only been available to specific niches and is not as widespread to consumers. 2020 may be the year 5G is spread nearly anywhere and everywhere, providing a wide array of consumers with affordable and speedy coverage. 

Internet of Things

If you own a Google Home or Alexa, you are connected to what is known as ‘internet of things.’ It is a business that is constantly in demand due to consumers wanting the next best gadget. We are obsessed with simplicity and having to put in as little effort as possible in our daily lives. With this being said, we can definitely look forward to more similar technology emerging, especially from Google. 

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition may not exactly be the ‘new tech’, since this technology has become prominent, and you likely have heard of it or even used it if you own a smartphone. In 2020, it is expected that countless industries will have adopted this technology and will have found new ways to apply it in daily life. 


You can expect to have shorter ‘in-line’ wait times in 2020. In the past, we have only seen automation be applied to the manufacturing side of things. You can expect to see more automation take the cashier roll, which means more efficiency. More businesses than ever are switching to automated payment, allowing for fewer wait times in line. 

Bottom Line

With the direction technology has taken in the past decade, we can expect new and innovating technology to emerge in 2020. Don’t expect lifelike robots to make an appearance, however, even though it’s likely not too far away. It’s only the beginning of a new and exciting era ahead of us. We are excited to see what the ’20s has to offer.