Which is the Best Universal Remote?

April 12, 2020
Comment Chloe

Universal remote controls are difficult enough to work your way around at the best of times – but worse if you don’t know what you are buying! We sought out the best the global market has to offer in Universal Remote Controls, then put together this article to guide you through the buying process. Read on if you are feeling confused, and find out which is the best universal remote control for you.

The Best Universal Remote Controls

We looked at customer reviews, functionality, ease of use, and product durability to make our decisions. Let’s get down to business and examine the best choices in Universal Remote Controls!

Logitech Harmony Smart Control

This is an all in one remote that is perfect for the functional oversight of all of your home devices. It is cheaper than the Harmony Elite set and comes without the home hub. It is compatible with Sky, Roku, Hue lighting, Amazon, Alexa, Smart Things, OFTTT, Sonos and Apple TV, among other things. In total, harmony works with more than 270,000 different Smart devices to give you total control over your home. Not enough? It has also been consistently voted the easiest to use by consumers.

Inteset Int-422 Universal Remote

The Interset made our list as the best Universal TV remote – a thing many people still seek out today. It won’t control everything in your home, but it works with all your Smart devices that operate through the TV set. It covers Windows, Apple TV and even Xbox One. This remote is backlit – which makes it easier to use in the dark – and is the best for the gamer in your life.

One 4 All Smart Control 8

If you are looking for a high quality, lower cost model then the One 4 All Smart Control has most of the same features as a Logitech, but less of the price tag. It’s reasonably easy to operate, but has some of the same buggy things going on that the old Universal TV remotes used to have. You need a code to match it to your device, for example, instead of wirelessly connecting. Still, if you are on a budget this is the best universal remote for you.

Inteset 4-in-1

The Inteset 4-in-1 is our best value universal remote control. Again, this one will only work with your television devices. It comes with Nvidia Shield, LED backlighting, Macro programming and easy to use features. It has channel and volume lock to make things even more simple to operate. If you want cheap and cheerful then this one will do just fine.

Logitech Harmony Elite with Harmony Hub

This is the top of the range, best of the best in universal remote control products. If you want a remote that does everything, is likely to be compatible with every digital product in your home, and can operate any app with intuitive one-touch automation; this is the cream of the crop. If you want one remote for everything – and if you can afford it – then splurge a little on the Harmony Elite.