Everything You Should Know About the New Samsung Galaxy 10

April 11, 2020
Comment Chloe

Discover everything you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy 10 launches! 

Samsung’s latest flagship phones were released early this year and are rocking the smartphone marketplace: Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+. In this post, we’ll try and guide you through some of the latest features that you’ll find in the new Samsung Galaxy 10. Let’s get started:

The new Samsung Galaxy 10 has Dynamic AMOLED screen, which is arguably the best smartphone display there is. Competing with the apple’s OLED display panels, Samsung’s AMOLED offers far more color saturation and soothing display system. It’s no joke that the Galaxy 10 family are the pioneers in getting the infamous HDR10+ certification.

The selfie and the primary cameras come in the category of ‘Hole-Punch’ cameras. This trendy new design is now being adopted by many other android smartphones, but Galaxy 10 was this trendsetter in this as well. With the help of this design update, the new Samsung smartphone has successfully retained the best screen to body ratio.

The all new in-screen fingerprint sensor is making news across the globe. Again, this kind of in-display fingerprint sensor doesn’t come in Apple’s smartphones as they have switched to the FaceID unlocking system. However, Samsung Galaxy 10 features in-display fingerprint unlock system which allows users to unlock their smartphone by putting their finger at a dedicated place on the screen. This saves up the extra area to put hard sensors and has extended the screen size as well. The rear side of the phone is also plain and doesn’t have a hard sensor for fingerprint lock. This technology is being adopted by the new OnePlus smartphones, as well.

Talking about the camera, Samsung Galaxy 10 comes with a triple-lens camera, which is a combination of a 12 MP dual pixel lens, a 12 MP telephoto lens, and a 16 MP ultrawide lens setup. This triple camera setup is almost identical to Apple’s new flagship 11 Pro model, which was released after Galaxy 10. The bright night feature allows users to take detailed and precise pictures at night time as well.

This smartphone comes with the new fast charge feature, both with wired charging and wireless charging. Now, the galaxy users can charge their phones in 15-20 minutes wirelessly. This is a fantastic improvement from the previous wireless charging technology. Compared to Apple’s counterpart, wireless fast charging is something that Apple is yet to adopt.

The artificial intelligent integration to the user interface has improved the overall user experience and satisfaction. The AI now learns from the user behavior on the phone and make quick decisions such as opening and closing certain apps at certain times. This enhances the user experience and also saves up the battery life.

Galaxy 10 supports the all-new 5G technology. This feature works amazingly well with the users who have 5G connectivity in the areas where they reside. If you are an Apple user, 5G support isn’t coming to you until 2020. The galaxy users are already experiencing the super-fast 5G connectivity.