Windows 10 vs Mac High Sierra

February 20, 2018
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The fight over Microsoft vs. Apple has been a long battle since the middle of the 1980s and there is no end in sight. These two operating systems are always trying to create the newest and most convenient software to overcome their competitor which is why every couple of years there’s a new upgrade or a new generation/series. Even today people will own an Apple iPhone and watch and dedicate themselves to getting the newest upgrade as soon as it becomes available and still use a Windows PC and vice versa. Wouldn’t it be easier to stick to one brand for all electronic uses? Yes, it would and yet people still use both probably because they don’t know which to dedicate themselves to. So the question that stands is which is better? Windows 10 or the Mac High Sierra.

The Mac High Sierra has a nicer look than Windows 10, not saying that Windows is ugly but Mac is definitely better eye candy. Even moving between virtual desktops and checking notifications on Mac is well-designed and more stylish than Windows. However, Windows 10 does have a great design view. The settings pane is considerably better than the previous and Windows has a better way to let its users slide the applications to the side of the screen than the Mac.

When it comes to both system’s apps, Mac takes the lead. Mac comes with a full office suite including song and movie making programs, Garage Band and iMovie all of which are free. All of its apps are very compatible with each other which can make life a little easier if you aren’t wanting to go through several different apps for one task. Windows 10’s apps only cover the basics of what their apps could give their users and are still works in progress and usually cost a lump sum of money.

The Windows 10 engineers have been making attempts to make Windows 10 available on more devices. Desktops, laptops, tablet, Xboxes, convertible laptops and more. Whereas Macs are limited to traditional laptops and desktops and are only compatible with other Apple products. Windows, however, is a very compatible software because it can work with both Android and iPhones.

Windows has also been focusing on their software and the new style for their computers. Touchscreen, something Apple has resisted giving their Macs. The only equivalent touchscreen computers Apple offers is the IPad Pro. Windows 10 touchscreen computers are very useful for those who don’t like using the mousepad and has made its users experience more accommodating when it comes to navigation.

When it comes to taking the lead, there’s no definitive choice. Macs and Windows software programs have great advantages and they both have their ups and downs. All it really comes down to what each individual consumer is looking for. Whether its device or app compatibility, design, specific apps.