10 Tips and Tricks for your new iPhone X

February 14, 2018
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So, you just spent your entire savings for a iPhone X? We get it, it’s hard to resist Apple’s latest and grandest iPhone.Now, what’s next after you unbox your shiny iPhone X? You may be surprised that iPhone X is unlike any of its predecessors. Don’t worry, you can try these tips and tricks so you can get the hang of your new phone easily and most importantly, so you can make the most out of your ‘luxurious’ purchase.

But, It’s Just Another iPhone Anyway…

Wrong. As a matter of fact, it works differently in a number of ways than any iPhone versions that come before it. The new iPhone X does not have a home button, ditches finger-sensing in favour of face scanning and have a more intricate camera system.

Here are the top ten tips and tricks you should learn to take advantage of your iPhone X:

Unlock your phone with your face.

iPhone X’s face ID using its front-facing TrueDepth camera is just so impressive. You can unlock your phone using your face, it’s that simple.

No home buttons? No problem.

All you need to master is the swiping trick. To go back to your home screen while you are in an app, just ‘swipe up’ and you’ll be back to the app grid.

Force close troublesome apps.

Hate messy app switcher screen? You can force close apps that you’re not using by heading on to the App switcher screen. Then, press and hold an open app which will show you the red close icon, tapping the icon will completely close the app.

You can still take screenshots.

To take a screenshot from you’re your screen display, press the right sight side button of your phone or the Sleep/Wake button and the Volume Up button simultaneously.

Hidden notification previews.

iPhone X is big on privacy. It hides your notification previews and will only reveal them if it is able to detect your face. Once you have swiped up older notifications they will disappear from your lock screen. To view them again, you have to swipe down from your screen’s upper left side.

Apple has hidden the battery percentage.

By default, iPhone X does not display the battery percentage anymore. If you want to see how much battery you still have left, swipe down from the top right portion of the phone’s display, this will direct you to the Control Center where the battery percentage notification is.

A talking fox or robot.

iPhone X takes fun conversations to a higher level with Animoji. Animoji will translate your facial features into variously animated emojis. To start using it, open the Apple Messages app. Open or create a new message and tap on the monkey icon. The Animoji pane will open and you can choose which animated emoji you want.

Fancy selfies

iPhone X’s True Depth camera and its dual rear-facing cameras let you take really cool photos and incredible selfies.

Send, request money

Another way to make use of the facial ID feature. You can transfer or request money via the iOS feature Apple Pay using your fake id.

The iPhone X isn’t perfect.

Some iPhone users may find it annoying for reasons – face id seems delayed, notifications are hidden, no more home button, and closing the apps can be harder to figure out. However, once you take time to master the navigation of your iPhone X you will find more ways to enjoy it. After all, you have paid so much for that enjoyment.