Still waiting for your Windows 10 upgrade- here’s how to install now

February 13, 2018
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Windows 10 the latest update was available for many through a smooth launch but a few were left out of this upgrade roll out. It may take some time before you get this upgrade but it is not a thing to worry. You can upgrade to Windows 10 by yourself instead of waiting for the offer of the upgrade from Microsoft.

This can be done in 3 easy steps

1. Download the Windows installation tool 
The first step is to download the installation tool. You can do this in a simple step. Go to the page that contains the Windows 10 installation tool. You need to download the 64-bit version of the OS. You can download the Windows 10 here and then it will get installed immediately.

Another method is to copy this link to a USB flash drive and upon to install it to another device. Now you can download it on the system and it will be upgraded to Windows 10 too. You need to back up the important data before you start the installation process.

2. Run the Windows 10 installer 
Microsoft will help you with the installation and ensure that nothing goes wrong and will help you use its latest upgraded version. While you install if you wish to retain these choose the keep personal apps and files option. Also, choose the ͚customize setting͛ option. At any time it is not advisable to use the express settings. This way a lot of data that you wish to keep private may be accessible by Microsoft. Turn off the personalized setting once the customized setting is chosen. Then click next where you get a screen which asks for sending your browsing history to Microsoft and automatically connecting to Wi-Fi network. You need to disable this for security reasons.

3. Something went wrong: troubleshooting tips 
Anyone who is trying to install Windows 10 using the above mentioned simple steps should not have an issue. In case you have some problems you can use the following troubleshooting methods to fix the troublesome installation.

Firstly you should try running the Windows 10 installer again. But you need to create a Windows 10 ISO. This can be done by clicking create installation media for another pc. Then clicking on it in a Windows 8, explore the ISO. It will be mounted and once done you should run the setup program. This will surely fix the issue if there was any.

In case this does not work still you need to go to the page refer to Microsoft͛s help page. This page has a solution to so many issues your system may encounter including the installation error. Even after this you are unable to install the Windows 10 you need not lose hope as yet there is help available.

You should then go to try this registry entry edit. This is called the installation error 80240020. This step will surely help you to successfully install the Windows 10 OS. So you here you go and use your Windows 10 till the next upgrade is available.