7 Rumors About the Next iPhone

July 12, 2018
Comment admin

The iPhone X was only released within the last year, but even so, there are plenty of rumours floating around about the next model (or potentially models, plural) of the world’s most popular smart-phone brand. In this article, we’re going to briefly discuss seven rumours about the next iPhone that are currently circulating both online and in the physical world. We won’t know if any of these guesses are accurate until the company makes its official announcements in the fall, but even so, it’s entertaining to speculate.

Apple will release three new phones. Much like last year, it’s predicted that Apple will unveil three new iPhone designs. What specific models they will be, however, are a matter of debate. Some people believe that since the iPhone X is still so new, one or possibly even two of the new phones will be Xs but with some upgrades and new capabilities, with the remaining new phone something else entirely. Other people, meanwhile, believe that one of the new phones will involve Apple backtracking to create the iPhone 9, which was skipped over due to Apple wanting to brand their last phone X in honour of the tenth anniversary of iPhone creation.

Differently sized screens. This rumour goes hand-in-hand with the Three New Models theory we mentioned a moment ago. This rumour says that while one of the new phones will have a screen the same size as the iPhone X, the other two phones will feature larger screens.

LCD display. Another rumour is that the new phone coming out (or at least one of them) will feature an LCD screen. This is an intriguing idea, especially the recently released iPhone X utilized OLED technology for its screen. Some people theorize that the new phone (or one of them) will be similar to an iPhone X but with an LED screen instead to make it cheaper to manufacture and also more affordable for consumers.

Touch ID. There are some reports indicating that Apple is still working on ways to feasibly incorporate Touch ID technology into its new touch-screen interfaces, especially after receiving some critical feedback about the loss of Touch ID in regards to the iPhone X, which relies solely on Face ID instead.

Better LTE connectivity. With LTE chips being of higher-quality in recent years, there is the talk of Apple trying to improve its use of them and in doing trove the iPhone’s ability to function on LTE networks. If this rumour is true, it could result in the phone running much faster, especially in terms of internet connectivity.

More emphasis on augmented reality. Apple has recently made clear its interest in augmented reality technology, and there are quite a few rumours floating around about how they might put some new laser sensor into the new iPhone which will enable it to better scan your surroundings and provide augmented reality programs with relevant information.

One more camera lens. The most recent iPhones have a set up involving dual lenses, but there are currently rumours about how Apple might add a third lens to the next phone, to allow for 3x optical zoom rather than 2x zoom.