Ring doorbell vs Doorbell by Nest

July 20, 2018
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The traditional doorbell has been around for many decades and though they have many helpful uses, the doorbell industry has evolved significantly since then. My, just by looking at doorbells by Nest you can see a huge difference in what doorbells can offer these days compared to the traditional doorbell. Below is a small list of major differences that Nest Hello has to offer.

Video Recording

With a traditional doorbell, you have to walk to the front door in order to see who the person is. This can be cumbersome for some people not to mention you could miss the person entirely if you’re not there.

With Nest Hello you don’t need to worry about that as the doorbell comes with a camera that is streaming live 24/7. Furthermore, the video is in 4:3 HD which is specifically designed to record people from head to toe.

You also don’t have to worry about lighting as the HDR video actually shows details sharply. You’ll be able to see who it is whether it’s bright or dark.

Sensors And Alarms

Traditional doorbells are only good for one thing, ringing a doorbell. It’s very primitive when you compare it to what Nest Hello has to offer. Another thing it can offer is the sensors. With them, it can sense people, motions and sounds. Through these alerts, it can detect visitors quite well.

Nest Hello is well worth upgrading if you are thinking about that as most modern day doorbells can only detect motion and sound.

Special Alerts

Special alerts are beyond traditional doorbells capabilities, however not the case for Nest Hello. A helpful feature that Nest Hello has is that it can recognize faces. Thanks to NestAware the doorbell can detect familiar faces like friends and family and can send you special alerts through your phone to notify you. Furthermore, NestAware can also detect people you don’t know as well.

This is a huge feature as no other doorbells on the market can even provide this yet.

Prerecorded Responses

This and special alerts make for some compelling selling points for Nest Hello. First off traditional doorbells can’t leave behind prerecorded messages. Well, unless you count writing on a piece of paper and taping it to your door, but that’s quite uncommon.

Anyway, Nest Hello allows you the ability to leave behind quick responses if you are out of the house. It’s like a voicemail except it’s for your doorbell. This can be helpful if you are expecting someone to come over and you had to step out for a bit. It has a lot of uses that you shouldn’t pass up.


Nest Hello> has the same functions as a doorbell but it goes above and beyond any modern doorbell that’s on the market. The features it provides and the fact that it over-delivers when comparing it to both traditional and more modern doorbells makes this a worthwhile investment for you if you want to stay current and you get a lot of visitors to your home.