Amazon Prime: 11 Reasons You Should Subscribe

June 30, 2022
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Amazon is one of the famous e-commerce platforms. Amazon is not just e-commerce anymore; it offers many more services, such as Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Books, Amazon Music, etc. Moreover, it not only provides services for personal usage, but it also has Amazon Web Services for professionals. Thus, the services offered by Amazon are impossible to ignore.

Even after rising Amazon Prime membership prices, Amazon still earns enormous profits. Almost 80 out of 100 people have Amazon Prime membership as of today. As of now, you may find it worthless because you do not know what good it can bring to your life.

Why Should One Subscribe To Amazon Prime?

After reading about these benefits, you will likely want to opt for an Amazon Prime membership.

1. Free/Express Delivery

Undoubtedly everyone prefers e-commerce for the convenience it offers. However, people like to pay for the delivery charges. It feels like an additional cost for no reason. With an Amazon Prime membership, you can avail of free and express delivery (within 24 hours on eligible products). If you are a frequent online shopper, you can estimate how much more you will pay in a year if you do not subscribe to an Amazon Prime membership.

2. Watch Movies And Shows

With Amazon Prime, you can access all movies and shows on your favorite channels. Moreover, you do not need to wait for the provider to air it. You can watch them anytime on any device with the prime video app. Furthermore, you can access all Amazon Original web series and shows. You can watch shows and videos in 10 different languages with subtitles. Also, you get language change options in selective shows/movies.

3. Try Before You Buy

Amazon, being Amazon, strives to go out of the box to bring convenience to you. The membership includes a ‘try before you buy’ feature applicable to men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing, shoes, and accessories that allows a buyer to keep things for seven days and charge for the things you decide to keep; the rest you shall return.

4. Prime Reading

Books and comics can constantly be updated. They are always in for readers. Amazon knows what its customers like. Therefore, it has included access to Prime Reading in the Amazon Prime membership so readers won’t feel left out. You can read them on any device, such as the Fire tablet or Kindle e-reader (available on iOS and Android).

Prime Reading

5. Early Access To Deals

Amazon offers many exclusive deals and discounts regularly. As a member of Amazon Prime, you can get 30 minutes of early access to all the discounts and sales.

You can buy things before anyone else at a lower price. So purchase an Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of exclusive deals earlier than other shoppers on the platform.

6. No Rush Shipping

Have you ever heard of getting rewarded for being patient? If not, then listen to it from Amazon. When a buyer opts for fast delivery, the logistics team utilizes more resources to deliver it on time. To encourage sustainable operations, Amazon rewards subscribers who opt for no-rush shipping.

7. Free in-Game Content

Amazon cares for all its customers, then how come it forgets the gamers? Prime Gaming has hundreds of games for all kinds of players. You can play as many games as many times with Amazon prime gaming.

8. Membership Sharing

This is another fantastic benefit of Prime membership. If you are two adults living together can share some of the Prime benefits by creating an Amazon Household.

You can share eBooks, audiobooks, apps, Twitch Prime, Amazon Music, and many more Amazon Prime benefits.

9. Amazon Music Prime

Why pay extra for any other music streaming app when you can get it free with a Prime membership? You can avail yourself of all Prime music benefits if you subscribe to an Amazon Prime membership. Thus, there is no need to compromise on your entertainment!

10. Amazon Fresh

As mentioned, Amazon cares for all your needs, such as your grocery. Many online grocery shops deliver within 24-48 hours. However, grocery is essential that you require on an immediate basis. Hence, Amazon Fresh offers fresh grocery products, including seafood, snacks, milk products, and household essentials, delivered within a few hours at no delivery costs.

11. Amazon Photos

Something you would not have thought of demanding from Amazon. It offers unlimited photo storage and enhanced search and optimization features in Amazon Drive for you and your family.

Besides the above benefits, Amazon has much more to offer, which you will learn once you buy the subscription plan.

Amazon Photos

The Bottom Line

Amazon Prime membership offers many different services under one roof. If you start paying for all these services differently, it may cost you more than double. Thus, buying a Prime subscription is a wise choice.